Oh Coachella. The festival that the hipsters of the celebrity world go to hang out and look pretty. Oh and listen to music too, obvs. But the hanging out and looking pretty part they do very well - and as Coachella is the first festival of the year, it's a great opportunity to get some beauty inspiration for the summer!

There was a lack of festival face paint at the first weekend (and we really thought Vanessa Hudgens would go for it too) and the look was all about natural, fresh-faced make up, with some bright splashes of colour on lips, and boho, loose wavy hair.

There was also the odd flower garland, sported by Vanessa and Katy Perry atop her new purple/violet hair, plus good old Paris Hilton, who, like Katy, worked a new hair colour or four, wearing bright purple, orange, green and pink extensions in her blonde hair.

Kate Bosworth and Rihanna flew the flag for minimal make up and bright lipstick, with Kate wearing a great you-lips-but-better shade and Rihanna going for classic pillarbox red. Lea Michele, Lauren Conrad and Lindsay Lohan (who's current strawberry blonde shade we are really loving) all went for casual, festival-chic waves, and the beautiful Cara Delevigne went for a complete no make up look, which showed off an amazing pair of eyebrows - seriously we need to get the name of her threader. Emma Watson might be our favourite so far though - clearly that Lancôme contract is paying off: amazing dewy skin, a touch of blush and a sheer deep pink lipstick. Her hair's grown out quite a bit too. Just an observation.

Check them all out in the gallery above.

EDIT: I love it when I'm right - behold, Vanessa Hudgens in her face-painted glory.


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