crystal_renn_blonde_hair.jpgCrystal Renn has proved herself to be a fountain of re-invention. First she lost all that weight, going from plus size model to average undersized model, and now she's dyed her hair platinum blonde!

This hair colour change has been met in the fashion world with great interest: seriously, it's been insane, but then it has made her look completely different.

The model attended The New Yorkers For Children's Annual Fool's Fete and made her first official catwalk appearance with the new do, speaking to at length about why she did it. "It's so interesting because I think it's the last thing people would expect me to do-which is exactly why I did it. Besides, I was having a Gemini moment," she told them.

One of the reasons why she looks so very different you might not be able to place your finger on right away, but she also dyed her eyebrows to match. "I'm in a place where I want to play with my look and because my eyebrows are such a prominent feature I thought it would be interesting to mix it with the white in my hair, the model explained. "I have very thick brows and to have thick white brows, it was very appealing to me."

Being blonde has gone deeper than just hair colour too: Crystal told them that she's still getting accustomed to her new look. "As a brunette, I felt very comfortable. It was the color I'd been my whole life. What I like is the challenge of full time being a different person in a way - and integrating my personality in what started out as a character," she said. "There's this fusing going on right now that is very interesting. Because the first day that it happens you look in the mirror you don't know who you are."

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