We used to be told to brush our hair 100 times every night, but this old wives tale has been debunked as actually causing breakages and static in the hair. I love the feeling of a brush stroking its way through my hair, and was intrigued to try the Curl Mi brush from the Wow Pamper Lounge.

It's really strange to look at as I don't think I've ever seen a brush this shape before, and the ball head is a little intimidating at first glance. It's called the 'world's first anti-static circular brush' and I was keen to see how well it worked. It swept through my hair really easily and the circular shape meant it didn't get tangled as it just rolled around the head. The bristles gave my head a lovely massaged feeling as well, and it gave my head a lot of volume, as the brushing motion really seemed to plump up the hair and move it away from the crown. It's strange- it was less like brushing and more like rolling the Curl Mi around my head!

It also has great detangling properties as the bristles are spaced in such a way that it helps release knots- it's not quite Tangle Teezer level of detangling, but this brush is more versatile than that. The vents in the brush allow hot air to pass through it, so it's pretty useful as a blowdrying tool as well.

I really liked this product- it gave my hair a great sheen, worked out the knots and the extra head massage was a bonus. I've polled a few friends and they are all drawn to it as well, though it's not fantastic with hair extensions as it can pull them out.

£9.99 from the Wow Pamper Lounge