kate_moss_dior_addict_campaign.jpgKate Moss has been the face of Dior cosmetics since last February, so it looks like they're keeping her on: the brand have just released the new adverts for Dior Addict Extreme starring the supermodel.

I don't know whether I'm relieved or disappointed that there isn't a million teasers like there were for her first campaign for Dior Addict. But then that was a commercial.

Anyway, the images for this campaign are a bit harder and more intense, to go with the 'extreme'ness of the lipstick, keeping a softly lit Kate gazing wistfully down the camera lense like in the original images for Dior Addict, but in the background looking like she means business, wearing black and striking a powerful hands-on-hips pose.

What do you think of it? Oh, also: we're loving that lipstick shade, and the fact it matches her nail polish.