scent-apple-macbook-pro-fragrance.jpgI'm indoctrinated into the ways of Apple up to the point that using any other brand apart from my iPod feels alien and wrong, but i dont have an iPhone (I'm currently a Nokia Lumia 800 girl as you can see here) and I don't have a Mac - but I do have a lot of friends who are so into the creations of Steve Jobs that it's basically a cult - so I reckon they'd be the perfect market for the Apple MacBook Pro perfume.

No it's not a late April Fool - but it's not completely real either - it's actually an art project. A group of artists (Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer and Simon McGlinn) turned to "pioneering scent solutions company" Air Aroma to help them create the scent of a freshly opened Apple product for an exhibition - including notes of ink, plastic wrapping and aluminium.

"A distinctive scent can be observed when unwrapping a newly purchased Apple product from its packaging. Apple fans will certainly recognize this smell," Air Aroma explained on their blog. "The scent created for Greatest Hits encompasses the smell of the plastic wrap covering the box, printed ink on the cardboard, the smell of paper and plastic components within the box and of course the aluminium laptop which has come straight from the factory where it was assembled in China."

But bad news Apple devotees - it's not actually for sale. Just the one bottle was created for the exhibition, 'De facto Standard' which you can catch between 20 April and 12 May at West Space, in Melbourne, Australia.