millie_Mackintosh_umberto_giannini.jpgAs a 'make up artist' and 'beauty intern' for Glamour magazine, Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh has almost as good a grip on what's good in beauty as we do. She revealed in an interview with Look magazine a bit about her beauty must-have products.

At the top of her list is apparently "a red lipstick by Chantecaille" (£29), her must-have make up item for a night out (probably to make that pout really stand out). According to Millie, "It looks nice with really bare skin, almost no make-up and a bit of mascara and filled-in brows".

Her other beauty secret is one a lot of celebrities keep: Vaseline. "I use it on my eyelids for a wet-look eye", she told them.