Scarlett_johansson_new_york_tattoo.jpgSo this morning I saw all over the internet that Scarlett Johnasson has a new tattoo and I was ashamed of my lateness in discovering it. But then I didn't feel so bad because Scarlet Johansson's Brand New Tattoo! has actually existed for a while.

Her new ink actually first appeared a few weeks ago at the premiere of the Avenger's Assemble movie: a chain bracelet around her wrist from which hangs a charm with 'I <3 NY' written inside it.

I know people say it's silly to get the name of a loved one tatto-ed onto yourself, but I think, unlike Ryan Reynolds, this relationship is probably safe. Makes a change from the standard tourist t-shirt anyway. Also it's way better than that terrible sunrise tattoo she has on her forearm.

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