Colorful hair is everywhere. It's always been on rock and pop stars. It's on celebrities. It's on runways and models and our writers. And now everywhere includes the hallowed houses of Chanel and now Oscar de la Renta Resort 2013.

At Chanel is was candy-colored wigs fixed over ponytails and powdered down for a softened affect. But there was nothing soft about the neon extensions woven into the messy updos at Oscar de la Renta. Neon brights in blue, green, pink, red and purple helped set the youthful tone on the usually very ladies-who-lunch runway.

This is super easy to achieve at home. Extensions are obviously the ultimate in no-commitment hair color and these neon colors are pretty widely available now at beauty supply stores, or easy to make yourself with some hair dye and blonde extensions. These seem to be placed a little above the crown and then swept back into a pony before it is crafted into a chic messy bun updo. Wearing a colored extension at the crown really is best for updos, if you'd rather wear your hair down you might want to for for the face framing layers of hair, or perhaps the underside. Either way it's super on trend and runway fabulous these days.