mac_beth_ditto_collection.jpgWe told you (well I complained mostly) that Beth Ditto had scored a collection with MAC all the way back in January, and now we've been able to have a look at the products.

The collection is as full of colour as you'd expect from the ballsy, punk-pop singer - full of vibrant shades of nail polish, eyeliner and lipstick, which you can see being applied on her in the behind-the-scenes video at the end of this post!

Out of all the products the most interesting to me were the brand new Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners (£16.50), a combination of their Greasepaint Liner and Eyeshadow which come in four duo shades: Little Miss Moffet, Black liner with white shadow; Drag, Strip, a navy eyeliner with pale blue eyeshadow; Babysitters Pub, grey liner with light pink shadow, Beth Mask, Red-bronze liner with a golden peach eye shadow, and Beth or Glory, deep brown liner with bright blue shadow.


We got our hands on Drag, Strip (above). The eyeshadow end has a waxy, crayon-like texture, which applies well and can be built up easily. The pale sky blue isn't an easy colour to wear on your eyes if you're not into looking like a nineties throwback, but mixed in with the eyeliner it produces quite a nice dusky blue shade. The eyeliner I love - it's a great dark midnight blue navy, although not one if the situation calls for precise application.


Also tried: Pro Longwear Lipcreme (£16.50) - when I opened You're Perfect Already I definitely wasn't expecting to see nude (not sure I've ever seen Beth wear nude lipstick), but it's a nice pinky colour. Booyah! was much more what I was imagining: a vivid, bright orange that is massively on trend for this season (orange is in ya'll). Pro Longwear Lipcreme does what it says on the tin so both shades are really longlasting.


The rest of the collection includes two new nail colours: the light yellow Near Beth Experience and the peach Life and Beth (both £9), and the hero of the collection, the polka-dotted MAC Powder To The People palette (£21.50).

The whole collection will be available from June at - and check out a behind-the-scenes video of the campaign shoot with the adorable Beth and her mum below!