Now the Met Ball crazyness is over, we got time to go through the attendees again and really make sure we'd seen everyone of note. Then on Catwalk Queen's excellent unofficial Met Gala Awards post we stumbled upon this.



That, readers, is what happens when you leave an Olsen twin in the sun for too long. She turns into a terrifying raisin-monster who wants to eat your soul.

Really though, what happened to you Mary-Kate Olsen? Who deep fried and then backcombed your hair?? Why are your cheeks so hollow?? Why did you let someone put bronzer on them to make it worse?? Why are you so shrivelled looking?? You're 25!! WHAT HAPPENED HERE??

Sadly though, Mary Kate wasn't the only beauty fail at the ball. Behold - Kristen Stewart.


I blame myself for my reaction to this, to be honest. I got too comfortable. I forgot that this unbrushed mess used to be the Twilight star's standard red carpet look, before she learned how to use conditioner and smile, and stopped looking like she'd gotten to whatever Twilight premiere she was at by being dragged there from a bush she'd been hiding in (probably what had actually happened). But she'd been doing so well. Who could have predicted it?

Still maybe it's worse when someone who usually looks great lets you down. Like Leighton Meester.


Jesus. Who knew Blair Waldorf could get it so very very wrong? What is with the Towie tan Leighton, you're supposed to be Queen of the Upper East Side, not a regular at Faces. We're thinking that maybe she misguidedly decided to try and make her skin the same colour as the mesh on her gown, so that it blended in. What a terrible idea. She could have at least done her arms too.

If that's not enough, her hair looked fluffy and unkempt, like it had been pulled back in a rush, and her makeup (she tried to do the dark lip thing too) was unflattering and ageing. What would Dorota say?