princess_eugenie_union_jack_nail_art.jpgIt wasn't just us swept up in Jubilee-themed make up this summer: among the many pairs of hands sporting Union Jack-inspired manicures at various events celebrating the Queen this weekend was one very noble pair: those of Princess Eugenie of York!

Clearly a nail art fan too, 22-year old Princess Eugenie had painted tiny Union Jack flags onto her nails to join the nation in honouring her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and the 60th anniversary of her coronation.

I only noticed Princess Eugenie's nails during the Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's yesterday, although a flip through pictures shows she's actually had them all weekend. Good wearing.

Even though she probably has the power to summon a manicurist on pain of death (probably I said) to attend to her nail art needs, they look kind of DIY don't you think (although I said that about Zooey Deschanel's nails too that time and how wrong I was)?

So cute, I would never have expected that from one of the Royal family! Wonder what Queen Elizabeth thought of them?