departure_scents.jpgPerfume can all get a bit samey after a while, but perfumer Gerald Ghislain has developed an ingenious idea that's given it a fresh purpose - he's created The Scent of Departure, a line of fragrances that capture the aroma of different cities across the world and transport you back to them with a single spritz.

The line holds 20 scents at the moment (which will be added to) including Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dubai, Singapore and loads more. Each perfume is housed in a rectangular glass bottle with a luggage tag, and each scent is named with the 3 IATA code letters of the city it represents.

Our favourites from the range were Vienna and Paris: Paris (CDG) apprently evokes an 'early morning in the Tuileries Garden', with top notes of Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, Green leaves, a heart including Lily of the valley, Rose and Water Flowers, and White musk, Rice powder, Blonde wood. I can't tell you if it smells of Paris because I've only smelt Disneyland (terrible I know) and that mostly smells of McDonalds, but it is a beautiful scent.

VIE (Vienna) is probably my overall favourite, which means I should probably book a holiday there soon: a sweet scent inspired by fragrant pastries and the Danube river, with top notes of Lemon, Bergamot, Cut grass and Cool mint, a heart of Water Flowers, Tarragon, Star anise, Cinnamon, Clove, Rhubarb and a base of Vanilla, Gaïac wood, Patchouli, Woods, Chocolate, Coffee, Liquorice.

Out of all of them, I have an idea that LHR could be very popular this summer, possibly to tourists who might want to take a souvenir of the city home after the Olympic games (much better then a weird one eyed monster thing) especially since it smells much nicer than actual London. I described it as the smell an American would expect to find in an English country garden - it's very floral and fresh, with pine, citrus fruits, freesia, jasmine and musk.

Each bottle is £35 for 50ml. We think it's a really nice idea - such a great way to keep something of a city you love with you, or a great gift after a honeymoon or something - plus it's really fun to try out all the scents to see if they smell like the places they're supposed to be. I suggest you head to Harvey Nichols where they're being stocked just to do that!