azature-black_diamond_nail_polish.jpgI'm all for getting the next thing in nail polish, but this is really too far out of my reach, and I'm a little sad about that - a nail varnish made from 267 carats of black diamonds has been created for someone insane to buy for $250,000.

Really, they would have to be insane - spending all of that money on a polish that will chip and end up in the bin on a bit of cotton wool (probably Chanel cotton wool, but still). I'm not saying I wouldn't love a go though - just imagine how sparkly it would be...

The limited-edition Azature Black Diamond nail polish was dreamt up by fine jewellery makers Azature, and there will only be one bottle made, making it even more exclusive and knocking previous Most Expensive Nail Varnish In The World, the £83,000 Models Own Gold Rush Couture, off of the top spot.

Apparently there's a bargain version too, at $25, although it's just a clear polish with black glitter in - very boring when compared to the precious stones you could have adorning your nails, I'm sure you agree.

Who d'you reckon will buy it? I predict a catfight between Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

If one of you do buy it though, can we borrow it? Ta.

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[Via Beauty High]