cher_lloyd_perfume.jpgCher Lloyd was undoubtedly going to be one of those celebrities that released a perfume, although I don't think I could have predicted much about it except that it would be pink.

Well I would have been right: she did, and it is pink. An oversized pink plastic diamond is the vessel for the 19-year old singer's first fragrance, a sweet fruity floral scent that seems to be the thing with pop stars right now.

You might not hold much hope for it, but actually it's not bad. Top notes of Golden Quince, Cassis and Exotic Kiwi flow into middle notes of Jasmine Petals, White chocolate (which gives it a really creamy vibe as it settles), Orchid and Orris Root, before drying down into the base notes of Creamy Musk, Vanilla Pod and Indian Sandalwood. It's actually very pleasant very vanilla-y, and sweet but the fruit keeps it quite fresh. It's similar to Britney Spears Fantasy actually.

Also I'm pretty sure any teenage girl is going to absolutely adore having it on her dressing table. Who knows if we'll be seeing more perfume from Cher, but she does have further ambitions in the beauty industry. "I'd like to go further and experiment with lipsticks," she said. "I have a love for lipsticks, maybe that'll be the next thing I bring out."

That'll be interesting! You can get the perfume at The Perfume Shop here for £15.

Also on a related note, her latest single Want U Back is really catchy and also features a giant diamond-shaped crystal on the dressing table in the video. Bottle inspiration maybe? Check it out below.