Entitled "The Holy Mountain", this morning's collection from newbie designer duo, Fyodor Golan, was not only the first slice of backstage beauty action for us at London Fashion Week, but was undoubtedly set to be one of the most exciting catwalk beauty hits of the entire season, and thanks to the lovely people over at ghd, who were taking care of the hair, we didn't miss a thing.

Fyodor Golan beauty A.jpg

Moving on from their super-directional and out there style last season (remember the full on green glitter make up? How could we forget?), instead of one shocking finale look, Spring / Summer 2013 saw the directional designers opt for a tribe of identically styled models with both hair and make up forming some sort of uniform. These elements were interrelated with the story behind the clothing collection, which followed a story of a Victorian girl getting kid-knapped by a tribe in the dessert of North America, and becoming part of the group.

Fyodor Golan Beauty B.jpg

Whether you get on board with all that or not, there's no denying the hair and make up were equally as powerful as the amazing clothes which were sent down the catwalk. We spoke to the guy behind the hair, Kenna, who explained the motivation and steps behind the look...

Fyodor Golan Beauty C.jpg

"We wanted to accentuate tribal feeling, keeping all the girls the same. We started off with ghd Total Volume Foam (£14.95), in the front of the hair line, creating a morning dessert feeling. We gave it that racked through with the fingers effect with the ghd Detangling Comb (£7.50). This provided a base for a series of ponytails from the crown. We elevated the first one and then attached it to the bottom one to give that feeling of connection. We then used ghd Mac Stylers (£99) smoothing through the pony tail. Just before they go out on the catwalk, for a pure glass shine, we're using ghd Final Shine Spray (£9.95), as a last minute frenzy all over the hair so that the lights on the catwalk give a feeling of reflection and then that sleek, straight hair at the back."

Fyodor Golan Beauty D.jpg

As for the make up, the main focus lay with the branded chin tattoo, which was created using the actual ink used for before real tattoo's and is semi permanent (we feel sorry for the make up artists that have to deal with that at the next show). This began with a transfer then blue ink-type fill in.

Fyodor Golan beauty E.jpg

Check it all out in our snaps and the video below, and let us know what you think of the hair and make up in the comments below.

Fyodor Golan beauty F.jpg