kelly_osbourne_emmy_2012_makeup_nails.jpgLast night was the Emmys! Kelly Osbourne was back with E! as part of the red carpet fashion team. Kelly herself decided to go for an all purple theme, matching her dress to her purple hair with a lavender Zac Posen gown - but her make up was the most newsworthy aspect of her ensemble!

Keeping with the purple theme, Kelly went for a twist on a classic cat eye, using a sparkly purple colour instead of the usual black. Unlike most things Kelly wears, I really love it - it looks really pretty with her green eyes. I do wish she'd dye her eyebrows back though.

That isn't even the crux of the story - remember that $250,000 nail polish made of diamonds we told you about? Well it looks like Kelly Osboune beat Paris Hilton to it, because she wore the polish last night! She tweeted, "About to get a $250k manicure with nail polish made with black diamonds by Azature so excited & honored".

If you're wondering what exactly 267 carats of crushed up diamonds look like when mixed into varnish and painted on your nails, here is a video of Kelly showing it off below.