Brooks+Brooks Salon.jpgYou might have heard of Brooks & brooks already, due to the fact that they've accumulated many an accolade, including being awarded the title of London Hairdresser of the Year three times. The Bloomsbury salon has just had a redesign, so I thought it was the perfect time to go and try it out. It's a beautiful space, designed to look like the inside of a house - I was especially impressed with the really cool bookshelf printed wall paper - and full of friendly staff like my stylist Sophia, who was fresh back from a trip to Madagascar setting up hairdressing schools (apparently they're not fans of the undercut there).

My last hair cut had been... hmmm... when I reviewed Eleven Hair in August (god, I didn't even know it had been that long - don't judge me, I'm a busy girl). Anyway, as you can imagine (and see in the picture below) my hair was not in the best condition (very dry despite my religious use of Moroccanoil), so Sophia insisted on giving me a conditioning treatment during my wash.

Since it had been such a very, very long time since I'd had it cut, my hair was in no particular style, with some long layers and some bits near the front that used to be a side fringe. I kind of like to listen to what the hairdressers advice is when I get my haircut, mostly because I can never decide on what I want, and because I figure they know how to make my hair look better than I do. So I put my trust in Sophia, who suggested some seventies-esque shorter layers cut in at the front, and to just take an inch off the rest, since I'd basically asked her not to make it any shorter (she was very understanding).


And I got exactly what I wanted, with Sophia taking way less off than I thought she would have to, but still getting rid of all the split ends. She then gave me some options for finishes, and then set to work on the arduous task of blow drying it, and then going over it with tongs - I noticed that she made my parting quite short so that most of the weight of my hair was at the back - clever technique. She even told me how to arrange it to make it look good in pictures. I left the salon with a lovely, shiny, glossy hairstyle that was exactly what I wanted, looked different without resorting to drastic measures (like a fringe) and is easy to manage myself.

I also highly recommend the conditioning treatment - I wouldn't have bothered with this had I been in control, but I'm so glad Sophia insisted: it's been about four weeks since my appointment and I can still feel the effects of it, my hair is so much smoother and silkier.

A cut and blow dry with Sophia is £55, but prices start from a very affordable £37.50, and treatments from £12.50. Check out the menu here and call 0207 405 8111 to make a booking.

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