models_own_northern_lights_jack_frost.jpgAfter checking out their Christmas collection, I've fallen in love with Models Own all over again.

The high street nail makeup brand have launched the Wonderland collection for Christmas, which features five nail polishes as glittery as the season requires. We tried two: Northern Lights and Jack Frost.

Northern Lights is absolutely beautiful: pink glitter with specks of green, purple and red. It's similar to Teenage Dream from Katy Perry's OPI collection, but much, much finer. The glitter is so dense in the polish that one coat is enough to cover the nail, which is pretty impressive for a glitter polish (usually you need at least two coats to make it solid).


Jack Frost is (I imagine since I haven't tried it) similar to YSL's Première Neige Top Coat, a clear polish that holds differently sized white-purple glitter particles that can be layered over other colours to give them a frosted, shimmery finish, or built up alone.


The swatch above is three coats because the exact effect is hard to see in photos: when the glitter catches the light it turns lilac so it looks like your frosted nails are glowing UV light - SO cool.

Also in the collection are Snowflake, Blizzard and Southern Lights. They launched today so you can get them right here at boots for £5 each!