kate_middleton_2012_hair_cut_seventies.jpgJust on the cusp of the end of the year comes the biggest news story of 2012 - Kate Middleton has cut her hair.

We've watched her put it up (once or twice) we've watched her keep it down. We've watched her plait it, and now, Kate Middleton has actually cut her hair. I know. We couldnt believe it either. Kate, the owner of the most obsessed-about hair in the world, has a tried and tested style (some would say boring) and doesn't much change up her beauty, which is why this move is so shocking.

The Duchess of Cambridge's hair has been cut into a seventies shape, and given a whole new side parting, with the long side-fringe-thingies at the sides (nobody really seems to know what they are called) almost a fringe but not quite. These thingies seem to be very fashionable right now - in fact, our Editor-in-Chief Gemma got them way back in September!

What do you think of the Duchess' new look? Like the change or prefer the classic Kate hair?