kristen_stewart_2012_twilight_breaking_dawn_london_premiere_makeup.jpgThe Twilight tour bus came to London last night when Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were all in Trafalgar Square for the premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part Two. Kristen carried on the vixen vibe she's been working with a show stopping lace Zurid Murad catsuit, which you can see over at Catwalk Queen here.

As for her hair and makeup, it was much less intense then it has been recently. Her makeup was prettier and lighter then she's had it the last few times we've seen her on the red carpet, with metallic oyster and light grey eyeshadow swept over her lids to open them up plus lots of eyeliner to give them a feline shape. Paired with glossy, natural lips it was a lot less edgy then the experimental eyes and dark lips she's been wearing lately, but I guess something had to even out that outfit!

Hair-wise though it looked like Kristen might be backtracking to the days of yore when she used to look like she'd just climbed out of a bin, and after she'd been doing so well too. Unlike Monday's LA premiere with that beautifully glossy and bouncy style, Kristen went for her favoured just-got-out of bed messed up look, with some tonged pieces to give it more of a shape. I mean it's not bad - but it could be better. Don't you think?

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