lindsay_lohan_2012_liz_and_dick_premiere_red.jpgLindsay Lohan has had red hair again for a few months now, but the first time I properly looked at it was when I saw the pictures of her on the red carpet for the Los Angeles Premiere of "Liz & Dick".

I've long believed that Lindsay's power and success lies in her red hair - after all, all her problems started when she starting dying it, and every time something happens to her - prison, rehab, getting banned from a hotel - I wish she would just change it back to the colour we all knew and loved from her golden, Mean Girls days. But then she did and it just highlighted how much she's changed! Please Linds, no more collagen, your lips are fine.

That makeup is all wrong too - I know she's channelling Elizabeth Taylor (which she does pretty well, we thought) with that old Hollywood glamour, but that eye makeup is so bad. The glittery copper colour is pretty, but the way she's smeared it around under her eyes and then paired it with thick, black eyeliner just doesn't work. The lipstick is a nice colour, a rich dark red (very on trend right now) but it's just too much paired with her eyes. I like her blush - the peachy colour adds a pretty tone to her cheeks, but they've also used it as a contour which is way too harsh on her pale skin (you can see that in Glamour's post about it here).

Still love the red hair though. Maybe the makeup will improve. What did you think of her look?