miley_cyrus_2012_short_hair.jpgEveryone was all in a tizz when Miley Cyrus first cut her long brunette hair and dyed it peroxide blonde, but it seems like it still wasn't enough because the singer has chopped off the rest off it too!

Miley cut her hair into a kind of undercut pixie cut a few weeks ago, but she was pictured backstage at a performance of Chicago with an even more extreme look with her hair shaved at the sides, just leaving a short tuft on top. Essentially it is a buzzcut. Celebrities are loving a buzzcut lately. What do you think of it? It's a bit harsh for her young pretty face I think.

She was super happy with her last style, saying she "never felt more me in my whole life" but if cutting her hair off makes her happy, she'll have nothing left soon! If you're still trying to tell us you can't be tamed Miley, we get it.