nicky_clarke_hairdryer_desired.jpgAmy Hill writes...

In all honesty, ANY hairdryer that followed my previous ancient devise was going to be an improvement, but I still didn't expect trialling the Nicky Clarke desiRED hairdryer (love the pun) to have such an impact to my hair, or my daily routine.

Let's start with the basics. At just under £35, it's reasonably priced, and if you're fussy about the aesthetics of your appliances then you won't be disappointed - it has an expensive-looking, glossy red finish and a stylish streamlined body. Considering the powerful blast it delivers, I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was and I really impressed with how quickly it dried my thick, shoulder length hair.

Compared to my old hairdryer, which featured a staggering number of buttons (one), this beauty boasts three different heat settings, two speeds, a cooling button to set your style and an Ionic technology switch. Until last week I'd never actually heard of Ionic technology and I have to admit, I was sceptical even after editor Steph explained the science bit behind it; basically negative ions are reduced, which neutralizes the atoms in your hair, eliminating static and frizz and leaving the hair smoother and easier to style. However, I've used the hair dryer a few times now and my hair really is sleeker and shinier after drying it, so I can confirm it's not a myth. It comes with a concentrated blow dry nozzle attachment too, so you can get a super straight finish if you want.

Although the DesiRED is compact, it is a little heavier than I had anticipated, but that's only a downside if you like to take your hairdryer away with you. In terms of performance and style, I would definitely recommend it - it's really good value compared to some other more expensive products on the market - and I'd be happy to find it under the tree this Christmas too!

Nicky Clarke desiRED AC Professional Hairdryer, £34.99, (although it's currently on offer for £29.99)