If you're going to get someone make up for Christmas, a palette is probably the best option: more substantial then a single eyeshadow or lipstick plus even if you don't quite know their taste and get it wrong, there's bound to always be a colour in there they'll like.

To be safe, go for a classic like Urban Decay's Naked palette - there's not a single colour in there you can't find a use for - or Clarins' Odyessy Eye Quartet, which is a bit more glitzy but still quite safe, plus the gold shade is great for the festive season (and it's on sale too).

For something a bit more special, go for Dior's purple and black camoflage Anselm Reyle eye palette or the Bobbi Brown Caviar & Oyster Collection eye palette, which is basically a piece of art.

Check out our favourites in the gallery above.