Browhaus Eyebrow Resurrection service before and after.jpg

When Browhaus approached our editor Steph with the opportunity for one of the team to review the Brow Resurrection service at their Covent Garden Brow Salon she immediately put me forward for it. Having listened to my moaning about my imperfect, almost non-existent eyebrows for too long she knew I'd make the perfect candidate.

Browhaus' Brow Resurrection is a semi-permanent brow enhancement treatment: basically an eyebrow tattoo but much more natural, using short strokes of colour to imitate the natural hair instead of those strips that might spring to mind when you think of eyebrow tattoos.

Unlike the terrifying electronically powered needle of a tattoo, with Brow Ressurection individual 'hairs' are created with a wand that has a set of five or six tiny needles attached, to scratch into the epidermis (the top layer of the skin). The scratches in the skin are then stained with a natural vegetable dye. This is why it lasts for just two years as the top layer of your skin regularly sheds dead skin cells, thus slowly removing any trace of the natural dye within it.

I'd considered going the whole hog and having my eyebrows tattooed for a little while, but I was put off by the fact that it's permanent; what if something goes wrong and I'm stuck with thick black slugs on my forehead for the rest of my life? What if having no eyebrows makes a comeback? It's not a risk I'm willing to take. So the more temporary effects of Brow Resurrection was a much safer option.

My therapist explained the treatment to me in detail before she began which allowed me to ask any questions and raise any concerns I had. Top of my list were:

How long does it take? (The whole process from start to finish is about two hours, but most of that time is spent in the consultation and waiting for the numbing cream to take effect)
Does it hurt? (No, the therapist applies a numbing cream so you can't feel a thing)
Can you adjust the colour for fairer hair? (Yes, the therapist mixes the dye to match your natural colour. You can go darker if you want though.)
Do you remove all of the eyebrow beforehand? (No, the dye is applied under your eyebrow hair to enhances their natural appearance. The therapist does shave any stray hairs around your brows though to ensure she's as accurate as possible.)
Will they scab? (Yes, a little. There are products that will help though, as you'll see if you read on)

Before we started we discussed the shape and colour that I wanted. I opted for natural looking full brows that matched the colour of my hair. My therapist then hand-drew my new browshape with a black fine line pen to demonstrate how they would look and check I was happy. She then applied some numbing cream to the treatment area and left me listening to a Browhaus iPod for half an hour while the cream took effect.

During this time I checked my phone to discover the below text message from my boyfriend who was concerned I'd do something crazy!

Eyebrow tattoos.jpg

I sent him this photo back to ease his mind (the white cream is the numbing cream):

Browhaus Eyebrow Resurrection service.jpg

Once my eyebrows were completely numb, she used the wand I described above to make curved strokes that mimicked my actual hair and then stained the scratches with the natural dye she'd mixed to my colour. I couldn't feel a thing, but I could hear her scratching so I suggest that if you are a little squeamish you should continue listening to the iPod. This process only took about 20 minutes for both eyes. The result was this!

Before and after Browhaus Eyebrow Resurrection.jpg

When I first looked at my new brows it was hard to recognise myself; you don't realise how important eyebrows are to your face until you have them! They were a little scary at first as for the first week they are a lot darker, but they lighten as your skin heals.

Browhaus recommend you buy their post-treatment products, Build (which helps to repair and regenerate your skin cells, plus it helps to lock in the colour) and Fix (an anti-scarring balm with vitamin A, D and Lanolin which provides a protective layer over the area to prevent infection), both £25, to help with the healing process. They really do help and I found that when I didn't use them the skin around my brows would get very dry and itchy.

Now, a month on, I'm delighted with them! I've saved myself a good five minutes each day drawing my brows on; that's five minutes extra in bed which if you know me you'll know is a deal maker.

The Browhaus Brow Resurrection Service is £550 for full brows and £450 for brow lengthening, available at Browhaus salons around the world, including 19a Floral St, Covent Garden, London. Check out the Browhaus website for more information and other available treatments.