shu uemura have taken things literally for spring summer 2013, with a flower-inspired array of bright pastel colours in their Blossom Dream collection.

Blossom Dream is mostly limited edition, with the exception of five new shades of glow on blusher (£16 each) in beautiful peachy shades - I'm completely head over heels for soft pink and soft coral, bet they'd be awesome on pale skin.

A shu uemura collection isn't complete without a pair of eyelashes: for Blossom Dream there are two pairs of feather lashes, both in floral bright colour - the Rainbow Feather L lashes (£34) are in the image below and you can see the Rainbow Feather S lashes (£24) on the model in the campaign image above.


The two new drawing pencils (£16) in pearly white and pearly gold would be perfect for highlighting, especially in the inner corners of your eyes. The stars of the collection though are the unmask palettes (£50), which have a limited edition mask design on the front. There are three colourways available, green, blue and pink. The pink is below:


Probably the easiest to wear with those neutral brown shades plus you can use those pink eyeshadows as blusher if you want. Textures are as great as usual.

You can shop the entire range here.