chloe_moretz_pastel_nails_birthday.jpgI love Chloe Moretz. The actress just celebrated her sixteenth birthday and because she is Chloe Moretz and she is awesome, Teen Vogue threw her a birthday party. Imagine having that life...

To her party Chloe wore Chanel and the most adorable nail polish set up we've seen in a while - multicoloured birthday cake-esque pastel nails!


Chloe painted her nails alternately lilac, peach and sea green, with a pastel tweed pattern on the ring finger and thumb (I suspect that this is a nail wrap, if not I need to know the name of her nail technician).

I will definitely be copying this at some point - will you?

Also - I love that nail shape on her. I would have said it would have been a little to old for her, but the stiletto shape actually works really well with those playful colours.