nails_inc_feathers.jpgBack in November we promised you that Nails Inc had some very exciting things planned for 2013 - one of these exciting things was their new feather effect nail polish!

Nails Inc Feathers consists of a clear base filled with short strands of coloured - well I want to say glitter, but it isn't glittery - particles.As you drag the polish down the nail, the multi-coloured strands create a flecked effect that brings to mind the feathers on a bird! Its very clever - clearly the next stop on the special effects was feathers, but there's no practical way to wear those (although Ciate will probably try).


It comes in four colourways: York, orange and white; Edinburgh, purple and peach; Chester, green, orange and yellow, and Cornwall, blue and white. York, Chester and Edinburgh are swatched in the images above and below!


The effect is really cool I think - the only downside I've spotted so far is that the flecks are quite spiky and will definitely catch in your hair, tights and skin. I'm really scared to touch my eyes. Applying a top coat helps to smooth it slightly though. Love it overall - will you be buying? They'll be £11 each, but there's a three piece collection over at QVC for a discounted price of £19.68!