natalie_portman_purple_liner_miss_dior_rose.jpgThe beauty world is currently enamoured with Natalie Portman's latest advert for Miss Dior, a short film named La Vie en Rose shot by Sophia Copella (which you can watch at the end of this post). It follows the style of most of her other Dior commercials - running around in Parisian settings, frolicking with roses, lounging on a sofa/bed, all leading up to a cinch with her love interest (although is it me or is this one not up to usual standards?). Unusually about the ad though, in the opening shot of Natalie the usual traditional black eyeliner is replaced with a striking lilac flick!

Since this perfume is all about roses and the colour scheme of the film is all pinks and purples, this shot of colour is very much in keeping with the style of the advert, but adds a refreshing touch of modernity to the usual formula Dior goes for. Also the purple looks brilliant on Natalie's brown eyes.

If you want to copy Natalie's Miss Dior look, all you need is below! If you've got a purple eyeshadow already chances are you could mix it with water or a sealant like Clarins Fix Make Up (£21) to create a bold liner - YSL's Pure Chromatic eyeshadow (£39) are great used wet, as are Clarins Mineral Eye Quartets (£31).


For a budget alternative, Bourjois Smokey Eyes Trio in Lilac is perfect, and will give a pretty metallic finish. Illamasqua's Creme Pigment (£17) is great if you want a matte finish, plus it's water resistant so that perfect flick will stay put all day. For foolproof application, try Laura Mercier's Crème eyeliner (£18.50) - it'll leave you with a smooth finish and the precise line necessary for doing the coloured eyeliner trend (otherwise it just looks like eyeshadow). If you aren't that confidant with a brush though, there's always the trusty pencil version - try NARS Larger than Life long-wear eyeliner which has a built in sharpener (genius - £19)

Of course, if you're going to have a French flicked line, it has to be perfect, so a good eyeliner brush is mandatory - I swear by the angled ones, which are basically idiot proof. Laura Mercier's Angled eyeliner brush (£15) is great - otherwise, just make sure they have a fine, tapered tip.


Laura Mercier's Angled eyeliner brush, £15
Laura Mercier Pointed eye liner brush, £22.50
MAC 209 Eye Liner Brush, £16
Louise Young LY23 Eyeliner Filbert Sable brush, £9

Check out Natalie's purple eyeliner in action below!