opi_oz_great_and_powerful_glitters.jpgWe've been so excited to check out OPI's newest collection, a collaboration with the upcoming film Oz The Great and Powerful and we finally got our hands on the shades.

I have to admit, I was expecting sparkly green (emerald city, hello) and red polishes, but they completely avoided the obvious for this collection, instead focusing on soft colours and metallics.

I've seen about all the nude-esque colours I need to at this point, so we just swatched the fun ones, and by fun I do of course mean glittery.

Here are (clockwise from top left) When Monkeys Fly, Lights of Emerald City, What Wizardry is This? and Which is Witch.


My favourite by a long while (mine, and the rest of the teams, and all the PR's I've ran into in the last two days) is When Monkeys Fly: filled with chunky, gold octagon-shaped confetti glitter and scattered with smaller silver speckles. It looks killer in the light - so shiny it looks like armour; everyone who's commented on it so far has confused it for a professional nail job or a kit too. I've been calling it the Beyoncé Sweet Dreams nail because look:


Lights of Emerald City is a silver and white-square shaped glitter mix, and quite sparse too, so would make a top coat better than a stand alone polish, unless you're willing to build it up a lot. The clear base is also quite thick so it makes placing the particles on (as opposed to brushing them on) slightly difficult. Oh also a boy told me it looks like I'd sprinkled the insides of a hole puncher on my nails, but what do men know.


Which is Witch? is really cool - if you're after a new silver glitter, definitely get this one, full of micro-fine strands and discs of holographic glitter. Coverage is quite good too, it would be opaque in 3 coats I think (the swatches above are two).


What Wizardry is This? (above) is one of OPI's new Liquid Sand formulas - I'm not that keen on these I have to say, matte glitter is not for me, but then the only ones I've seen so far have been in bright colours and I think this bronze metallic version suits it much better. It looks almost burnished.

These will all be £11.50, out soon!