PPQ_aw13_HAIR_beehive_nails.jpgThe girl at London Fashion Week's PPQ AW13 show today was 'a nineties power dresser gone a bit crazy'. How do you do that? A beehive of course!

ghd were at the hair helm again, with Creative Director Kenna enlisting a whole load of implements to get this huge mountain of hair. "It's all smoke and mirrors' he said, as he blow dried ghd Root Lift Spray into the roots (with the ghd air of course), put the centre crown section of the hair into a ponytail, and pulled it through a huge doughnut.


The ponytail was then backcombed and wrapped around the doughnut, and then he continued backcombing more sections, spraying them with a lot of Final Fix Hairspray (pretty sure there was at least one can used per model) and then pinning them into the doughnut with huge scaffolding pins. The front section was curled slightly to emulate the movement that the perm the 'nineties power dresser' would have left over.


As for make up, the drama was all in the eyes, in a dark earthy tone created by artists at Stila, and lashes were super curled and built up with lots of mascara.