cara_delevingne_anna_sui_nyfwss13.jpgEvery fashion week there's always a new take on eyeliner - yesterday at Anna Sui NYFW AW13 it was thick, flicked and dotty.

The focus of the make up, created by Pat McGrath, was a punchy black winged-out cat eye, with the colour all over the lid and coming out to the outer point of the eyebrow. To keep it on Anna Sui's signature pretty, folksy vibe, dots of black liner outlined the lower lash line giving a sixties-esque doll-like full lash effect.

"Those dots make the eyes look a lot bigger; it's a cool, strong look," said Pat, who tweeted the above picture of Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss backstage.

Hair was in cute bun shaped ponytails, folded in half and with the ends pinned underneath to give a pageboy-style shape.