ciate_foil_maincure_1.jpgWe told you about Ciaté's latest idea to get us sticking stuff all over our nails last year and it's just been released: the Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure!

Inspired by graffiti art and the metallic fabrics on the SS13 catwalks (like at Burberry), the caviar bead of this kit is shiny coloured foil to be layered over your (Ciaté polished, obvs) nails.

Probably the easiest, least messy Ciaté Manicure Kit to date - in the box you get a polish, a set of coloured foil, a bottle of glue and a nail wheel to practise on first if you so wish. We tried out the 'Carnival Couture' style (there are two others).

1. Start out with two coats of polish (either the one supplied or one of your choice):


2. When they're dry, apply the glue. You can dab it on haphazardly, like me, or if you're confident you can try your hand at something more sophisticated like a tip, blocks or patterns.


It says to leave the glue to dry for 'a minute' and I can tell you that this is a mistake - it needs five minutes at least for it to be tacky enough to grip the foil. My advice is to apply the glue to all of your nails at once, not one at a time, before starting the foil so that they all have time to dry enough.

3. After you've waited at least five minutes, apply the foil by placing it SHINY SIDE UP onto your nail. I say SHINY SIDE UP in capital letters because me and at least one other person have some kind of mental block to doing that and repeatedly stuck it shiny side down, and it's a quite painful to rip that off let me tell you. So SHINY SIDE UP okay.


4. Then you rip it off in one motion, and voila! Foiled nails!


6. Keep going on each nail and then repeat with another colour if you want, like I did. Finish with a clear topcoat to seal it in.


The effect is really cool, and a lot easier to wear than the sequin and caviar ones (although a word of warning - the glue tends to melt in hot water so try and avoid that for as long as you want it to stay put). Get it now at Selfridges for £18.