clarins-splendour.jpgThe summer make up collection from Clarins draws on an appropriately exotic inspiration, with palettes and lipsticks taking on motifs and colours from ancient ruins of South America.

This is most obvious in the intricately designed Bronzing Palette (£30) with such beautiful engraving in the powder I didn't want to touch it, and an equally pretty case where a sun design is revealed in the light, like an ancient artefact. So pretty.


This collection also features one of the most wearable palettes I've seen for this summer in their limited edition Splendours Colour Quartet & Eyeliner Palette (£31), featuring copper, pale gold, pink gold and deep plum shadows, plus a dark brown eyeliner. Clarins eyeshadows are always beautifully soft and long-lasting, so they're ideal for blending smokey eyes which these colours are perfect for. Great for travelling to if you're going away because you can make any look out of these, from light beach looks to dramatic smoked up eyes for evening.


The new Instant Smooth Crystal lip balms (£18) are probably the most exciting part of the launch - the precious jewels of the ruins among the bronze and gold relics.


[1. Crystal Gold Plum 2. Crystal Mandarin 3. Crystal Rose 4. Crystal Berry]

They have a densely pigmented core surrounded by a transparent neon balm, so you get excellent colour with a moisturizing, balmy finish. Some of the shades might look a little alarming but they're actually all completely easy to wear, even that brown looking green one. Here is Crystal Berry swatched:


If you're not feeling the shiny balm finish, you can just apply the colour in the center using a lip brush, and same with if you just want the balm. Love a multi-tasker.

They've also thrown a couple of lip glosses in for good measure: Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gel (£16) is maybe the shiniest lip gloss I've ever seen.


It comes in two colours, Crystal Pink (swatched below) and Crystal Plum.


The whole collection is available to buy now at Selfridges. Find it here!