marc-jacobs-honey-perfume.jpgIt's no secret how much I love Marc Jacobs' Dot perfume - it's one of my two signature fragrances (the other is Fame by Lady Gaga - I know, I know but read this before you lose respect for me) and I mention it in just about every perfume story I write - so I'm super excited about the next release, Honey!

This is half because the bottle is so damn cool! It's in the same style as Dot, but instead of a ladybird theme, it's a bumblebee, with a honey gold body and the red and black polka dot ladybird wings swapped for yellow and black stripy ones! Kind of like an amalgamation of Daisy and Dot actually!

You can probably guess what Honey smells like - according to WWD it'll have top notes of pear, fruity punch and juicy mandarin; a heart of orange blossom, peach nectar and honeysuckle, and a base of honey, golden vanilla and smooth woods.

It'll be released in August sometime. Can't wait!