Yesterday I did my last fast day in my nine week (well, eight and a half week) trial of The Fast Diet. Why nine weeks? Simply because when I decided to test out the concept of intermittent fasting, I had nine weeks to go until my holiday. I had a goal in mind and thought that I could probably hit it if I stuck to the rules. And I was right - though I never quite managed to get to 150lbs (the extra goal I set halfway through) I did meet my original target - to be comfortably under 11 stone when I stepped on the plane.

The results in numbers are as follows. For reference, I am 5'7" tall:

Before the diet:
Weight: 159lbs (11st 5lb / 72.1kg)
BMI: 24.9
Full bust: 38"
Waist: (narrowest part) 29.5"
Waist: (at bellybutton) 35"
Hips: (widest part) 41"

After 9 weeks
Weight: 152lbs (10st 12lb / 68.9kg)
BMI: 23.8
Full bust: 37"
Waist: (narrowest part) 28"
Waist: (at bellybutton) 32.5"
Hips: (widest part) 39"

And here's a before and after photo:

Results after 9 weeks on the fast diet

My total weight loss was 7lb (half a stone), which isn't as much as the book says most people will lose, but that's because I was starting out at a medically 'healthy' weight, and weight loss slows when you don't really need to lose anything. The loss slowed to a halt in the last two weeks - probably my body's way of saying "I'm happy here, and so are you" but also proof that there are plateaus in this regime, contrary to what the book says.

In terms of how this has changed my body, I think the pictures speak for themselves. My mid-section has changed quite obviously, and I've also lost a significant amount off my hips and bum, making me a little less pear-shaped and a little more hourglass.

The measurements show I've lost an inch off my bust, an inch and a half off my waist, an inch and a half off my tummy, and two inches off my hips! I wore the same outfit in my before and after photos to make them as clear as possible (though I've only just realised I had the top on back to front in the before pics!). Hopefully you can see how much better those size 12 jeans fit me now. Still a bit of camel toe going on in the below photo, but I think that's more down to the pose than the jeans!

Fast diet results after 9 weeks on the stomach

I don't look drastically different but everything fits better and I feel lighter and more energetic. I wake up feeling less lethargic (ahem, sometimes). The biggest surprise on this diet was how easy it was. I only struggled with one fast day, and I loved the days I didn't have to think about food. The diet was so easy to follow - it sounds far more extreme than it is, and towards the end I realised a lot of the evening meals I make on a normal day can be easily adapted to suit a 500 calorie day without much hassle. This diet basically teaches two things - practicing moderation through an extreme body reset, and how to understand your own hunger patterns properly. The latter really surprised me, because when I read the book I thought it was rubbish. I thought I'd want to binge on non-fast days to make up for the restriction. But I've lost track of the amount of food and drink I've turned down on non-fasting days because I just didn't feel like I needed (or wanted) them. Ten weeks ago, I probably would have said yes to everything.

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