Ciate Corrupted Neon ManicureCiate's latest manicure kit doesn't look all that special until you stumble into UV light, and then you literally are the party.

If you're a lover of all things neon, the Ciate Corrupted Manicure Kit is going to be a must have. Following on from their other super successful kits, Corrupted Neon comes with one neon nail polish, a matching glitter, and a magic Black Light top coat that makes whatever you paint it over glow in UV light!

There are four shades, Shout Out (pink), Club Tropicana (orange), Megaphone (yellow) and Foam Party (blue). We tried Megaphone and Shout Out - here's Shout Out in daylight:

Ciate Corrupted Neon Shout Out swatch

And here's Shout Out under UV light:

Ciate Corrupted Neon UV glow

And again with Megaphone (on left):

Ciate Corrupted Neon in UV light

So cool. These are definitely being aimed at club holiday goers this summer, so if you're heading to Ibiza make sure you put one of these next to 'suncream' on your holiday must have list. The only negative thing is that it's hard to be perfectly neat when applying the topcoat because obviously you can't see it in daylight, so the result can be a bit messy if you're not really careful (as we discovered). Oh and we have to mention the box too - it's holographic so when you turn it, it glows!


Amazing. You can find them at Selfridges for £18 here!