By Terry Eyebrow Liner MascaraWe showed you some of the more flashy items from By Terry's new Graphism collection for Autumn/Winter, but there were a couple of other items that though not quite as fun as an electric blue eyeliner, as way more necessary.

If you were entranced by the big brows Chanel did at their haute couture show earlier this week then these two new products from By Terry are going to become your new best friends.

Thick, boyish eyebrows are pretty much the new nail art - the current must have accessory, but a lot of us who also lived through the 90's when things were a little different need some help in that department after years of brow abuse. Not everyone is born with the admirable brows of Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, those two early purveyors of the trend. The Eyebrow Liner is exactly for those people - a calligraphy pen with an ultra-fine, soft and slender felt-tip nib that can create thick or thin strokes to replicate your natural eyebrow hair, adding volume, length and lift. It comes in two shades, blonde and brown - the blonde is swatched below.

By Terry Blonde Eyebrow Liner

The colour is also super fast-drying which means there's no danger of smudging while you're creating your masterpiece. If you don't need quite so much help building your brows, then their brow mascara will be the thing for you. A tinted gel that provides colour and hold, as well as some extra fullness and control of any unruly strands. It has a teeny tiny wand too, so it's ridiculously easy to use, and can reach even the tiniest hairs. This one comes in four colours, happily including one for redheads, Sheer Auburn, which is swatched below!

By Terry Auburn Eyebrow Mascara swatch

The others are Highlight Blonde, Medium Ash and Dark Brown. I love this one - lasts all day, and looks totally natural, no caking or flaking off. These, like the other products, will be out in August! Definitely must-haves for your autumn make up bag.