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K&M Asks the Experts: What to do about skin reactions

Last week, we talked about our experiences of bad reactions to ingredients in beauty products. It's a scary subject, and one that has certainly made me wary of using new products with additives I haven't already tried.... Read more »


Beware of bargain GHD's! A guide to getting the real deal

The old adage 'if it's to good to true it probably is', has existed for a long time, yet still people keep hoping they'll be the one who gets lucky. In the cases of the lottery a very very few people manage to beat the... Read more »


Meet Kiss and Makeup's new Editor - Anushka!

Hi guys! Following the departure of the brilliant Zara I will be Kiss and Makeup's new Editor for the next few months. I know I have very big shoes to fill so I will try my best to continue bringing you all the latest... Read more »

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Ask the team: Find me a fake tan that will stand up to daily swimming!

Our reader Lauren wrote to us hoping to find an affordable fake tan that will stand up to daily swimming in the pool. We called around to several companies and unfortunately the answer is, there isn't a fake tanner expensive... Read more »

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Olive-toned Mineral Foundations for Asian girls: The Roundup

As a cool-toned Asian girl, no foundation has ever been "just right" for me. Warm or Golden foundations were always slightly too yellow, and beige or neutrals always a little too pink. It wasn't until I came across this... Read more »


What is mineral makeup? The whys and whatnots

In the first part of our mineral makeup feature I'm bringing you the whys and the whatnots of the so-called miracle product that is now sweeping the nation. You've probably heard plenty about mineral makeup before... Read more »

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Ask the team: Find me budget heat protection sprays!

We had an email from a desperate reader who finds her budget a little tight this month, and needs an alternative to her usual hair protector. 'I love Tigi's Smooth and Shine Catwalk heat protector, but this habit is... Read more »