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Sephora's Glitter Eyeshadow Brush #24

I just got back from Spain, and while I was there I took the opportunity to go to every beauty junkies' Mecca, Sephora . While browsing through the million things I wanted to buy I came across this - a silicone applicator... Read more »

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Designer make up bags from feelunnique.com

Need a new make up bag? feelunique.com have collaborated with some of the biggest fashion brands to create a range of four make up bags to benefit charity Look Good... Feel Better , which helps women with cancer regain... Read more »


Makeup bag of the week: Mrs Pitt, Mrs Clooney and Mrs Depp from Nails Inc

I LOVE the idea behind these makeup bags- swearing affiliation to your celeb of choice! (I'm personally more of a Pitt girl!). The bags are large and textured with a soft waffle like finish, and the bright accents stand... Read more »

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Cowshed Cashmere travel set

When it gets cold at night it's nice to put on something cosy, and what could be lovelier than 100% cashmere socks, scarf and hot water bottle from spa brand Cowshed? Famous for their lovely bath products ( I swear by... Read more »

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Makeup Bag of the week: Jaeger Velvet Beauty Bag

This week my choice of makeup bag takes a turn for the classic, as it's outfitted in a luxury velvet, which makes it oh so stroke-able. I love the simplicity of this bag, and the way it clearly decries itself as being... Read more »


Betsey Johnson Tweezers from Tweezerman

Tweezing is one of those annoying but necessary parts of life, so why not brighten it up a little with some limited edition lovelies? The Betsey Johnson tweezers are designed by the fashion goddess, and reflect her love of... Read more »

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Makeup bag of the week: Benefit Makeup Bag with products

Today's makeup bag of the week is not only rather delicious looking, but comes filled with Benefit goodies. You get a Benefit Lip Gloss in Kiss you and Benefit Eyeshadow in  Bossy. The bag is large and would fit... Read more »

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Makeup bag of the week: Harrods Girls Cosmetic Bag

There's something about the Harrods logo that makes rational women go a little bit loopy. I can't tell how the green and gold letters manage to do this, but I do know that people go crazy for the brand. Whilst it may be... Read more »

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Makeup Bag of the week : MAC Viva Glam Gaga bag

The newest makeup bag of the week is more of a clutch than a bag, but it has a zip so it counts! This ultra cute bag is from the MAC VIVA Glam range, where a percentage of money goes to a good cause (the MAC Aids fund),... Read more »

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Makeup Bag of the week : Soap and Glory Cosmetic Bags from ASOS

What's better than one makeup bag brimming with products? Why, three bags- and for the price of one. I'm very drawn to these pretty pink and plastic makeup cases from Soap and Glory as they cater to every eventuality. The... Read more »


The prettiest mirror of them all

Maybe it's staring at pictures of the MAC Disney collection, but I've been thinking mote and more about mirrors lately. A great mirror can reflect the best in you, and help you know where to contour and highlight. Why... Read more »


Makeup Bag of the Week: Km17 Beauty bag from Etsy

I love my makeup bags and am a big fan of this pretty creation which comes to us courtesy of Etsy seller km17. OK, she has a rubbish shop name, but the bag is really gorgeous. It's the little details I like, such as the... Read more »


Makeup Bag of the Week : I Love Makeup from Lulu Guinness

What better way to share your love of cosmetics than with a makeup bag that proudly proclaims that to the world. This darling creation was designed by Lulu Guinness and comes with all her trademark details, from the sweet... Read more »


Makeup bag of the week: Teddy Bear Makeup Bag from River island

You all know about my eternal hunt for pretty makeup bags, and my latest search has shown me something rather cuddly and cute. The fluffy ears of this River Island makeup bag make it very stroke-able, and it comes in two... Read more »


Miss Budd Cosmetic Bag from ASOS: Makeup bag of the week

I have so many products I'm constantly on the lookout for pretty ways to store them,and I've just found the loveliest makeup bag to use with them. This adorable bag has the cutest pink polka dots decorating it and I love... Read more »

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Makeup Bag of the week : Breadcrumb's Vivien Makeup Bags!

The very nature of my job means I get to see a LOT of makeup bags, but rarely do I get this excited. The images of the Vivien makeup Purses from Breadcrumb literally had me sit up and go 'ooh' and I think they're so... Read more »


Martin Loofah King

When Martin Luther King said ' I have a dream', it probably wasn't that he wanted to get you clean and exfoliated in the shower, yet that's exactly what his face will be doing! This tongue in cheek loofah has the great... Read more »

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Makeup Bag of the week : Angel Cat Sugar Beauty Bag

What is about cartoon animals that make the most mature woman regress to her My Little Pony days? Perhaps it's that we're constantly under pressure to be permanently 'on' and sweet things like cats and puppies let us... Read more »

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Cute Makeup bag of the week: Anya Hindmarch Gadgets case

Gadgets and makeup are two of my favourite things in the world so when I spotted this makeup case that combined the two I was in heaven. The case is created in delicate hues of violet and cream and features a headphone... Read more »

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Product Review: EGO hair straighteners

There are many styling tools on the market and hair straighteners are probably the most popular of the bunch. Women worldwide yearn to get sleek shiny hair with minimum of strain, but it's hard to know which model to... Read more »


Rouge Bunny Rouge Luminous Skin Wand: Watch out YSL!

Rouge Bunny Rouge is one of the brands that has burst onto the beauty scene this year, and this is partly due to the quality of their product, their lovely designs and their happy relationship with beauty blogs. I've... Read more »


Cute makeup bag of the week: Sonia Kashuk Geometric Bag

I'm all about portability this season, as cute clutches simply don't have the space to hold my full makeup kit. When you're planning a night on the town you need to keep your makeup bag minimal so it will fit in your... Read more »


Get Lulu Guinness loveliness at crazy prices at the HQ Outlet Store

Christmas is a few weeks away, but many of us are feeling the pressure of purchasing pressies on small paychecks. We want to get our loved ones something gorgeous, but simply can't afford to treat them as we'd like! Well,... Read more »


What's that brush for? We pick the brain of MAC Sr. Artist Romero Jennings

MAC makes so many makeup brushes, if you're not a pro it's as easy to be confused by them as it is to covet them. So I asked MAC Sr. Artist Romero Jennings to give me the scoop on how to get the best use out of the Wave of a... Read more »


Beauty Accessories (you never knew you needed): Elemis Oak Stand

I'm the first to admit that Elemis' pro-collagen treatments and body lotions are the bees knees, and that they brand is responsible for some of the finest skincare products I've tried. But I'd also argue that the bottles of... Read more »

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New beauty player shows Stila tutorials right where you do your makeup

So, chances are you don't do your makeup in front of your laptop, though I'll bet bloggers are more prone to it than most. All those handy beauty tutorials on Stila's Web site are hard to remember once you're actually in... Read more »


Pamper, polish and preen with Soap & Glory's new range of beauty accessories

Soap & Glory have just launched their new line of tools and accessories to help you create a salon-buffed body from the credit-comfort of your own bathroom. With eleven fantastic items all travel-friendly and in S&G's... Read more »

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Cute Makeup bag of the Week: River Island Cherry Print Cosmetic Bag

There's something about cherries that makes me think of Katy Perry and ice lollies, and this bag is Bettie-Boop tastic with its cute design and wipe free material. I really like the attached mirror, as it means you'll be... Read more »