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Rouge Bunny Rouge Luminous Skin Wand: Watch out YSL!

Rouge Bunny Rouge is one of the brands that has burst onto the beauty scene this year, and this is partly due to the quality of their product, their lovely designs and their happy relationship with beauty blogs. I've... Read more »


Cute makeup bag of the week: Sonia Kashuk Geometric Bag

I'm all about portability this season, as cute clutches simply don't have the space to hold my full makeup kit. When you're planning a night on the town you need to keep your makeup bag minimal so it will fit in your... Read more »


Get Lulu Guinness loveliness at crazy prices at the HQ Outlet Store

Christmas is a few weeks away, but many of us are feeling the pressure of purchasing pressies on small paychecks. We want to get our loved ones something gorgeous, but simply can't afford to treat them as we'd like! Well,... Read more »


What's that brush for? We pick the brain of MAC Sr. Artist Romero Jennings

MAC makes so many makeup brushes, if you're not a pro it's as easy to be confused by them as it is to covet them. So I asked MAC Sr. Artist Romero Jennings to give me the scoop on how to get the best use out of the Wave of a... Read more »


Beauty Accessories (you never knew you needed): Elemis Oak Stand

I'm the first to admit that Elemis' pro-collagen treatments and body lotions are the bees knees, and that they brand is responsible for some of the finest skincare products I've tried. But I'd also argue that the bottles of... Read more »

Stila beauty player.jpg

New beauty player shows Stila tutorials right where you do your makeup

So, chances are you don't do your makeup in front of your laptop, though I'll bet bloggers are more prone to it than most. All those handy beauty tutorials on Stila's Web site are hard to remember once you're actually in... Read more »


Pamper, polish and preen with Soap & Glory's new range of beauty accessories

Soap & Glory have just launched their new line of tools and accessories to help you create a salon-buffed body from the credit-comfort of your own bathroom. With eleven fantastic items all travel-friendly and in S&G's... Read more »

mo ali mihara yasuhiro street style gfw.JPG

Cute Makeup bag of the Week: River Island Cherry Print Cosmetic Bag

There's something about cherries that makes me think of Katy Perry and ice lollies, and this bag is Bettie-Boop tastic with its cute design and wipe free material. I really like the attached mirror, as it means you'll be... Read more »


Cute Makeup bag of the Week: Hiding Place Purse from Showpony

I'm big fan of retro style prints and after an evening spent watching Coraline, I'm a little more inclined towards creepy but kooky designs. These cute bags are adorned with what looks like rambling roses but a closer... Read more »

kiss bag letter.jpg

Cute Makeup bag of the Week: Paper Plane Makeup bag

Does anyone send letters anymore? I'm, not sure. True, you get the stressful ones in red that you push under the mat and ignore, but do handwritten elegies of beauty that come wrapped in brown tape still exists? To... Read more »

saree bag ollie nic.jpg

Cute Makeup bag of the Week: Saree Cosmetic bag from Ollie & Nic

I'm a big fan of Ollie & Nic handbags, and their makeup bags also tend to impress. I just spotted this uber cute Saree bag on their site, and considering it's payday, I may just have to splurge. It costs £14 from Ollie... Read more »


Cute Makeup bag of the Week: Poppy Travel Bag from Johnny Loves Rosie

A big makeup bag is hard to find, if you're looking for something large enough to hold all your potions AND be equally stylish, but I think I've found it! This lovely poppy printed bag, £30 from Johnny Loves Rosie is... Read more »

bent liner brushes.png

Battle of the Bent Brushes: Benefit vs. Inglot

Benefit's famous brush is a staple for many in-the-know. Its 30-degree bend makes eyelining a cinch as you can get super-close to the mirror for the perfect line. But here's a secret: Polish brand Inglot have the same... Read more »


Cute Makeup bag of the Week: So Bloody Blonde!

I recently went away for a work trip and managed to leave my toothbrush, mobile phone charger, tights, tampons, hairbrush, eye makeup remover and shaving gel behind. I did however bring 6 USB stick s, 2 cameras and 2... Read more »


What a pretty way to store perfumes!

I have a lot of perfumes. I collect them really, as I love the glistening faceted bottles in all shades of the rainbow, and love seeing them litter my dresser, each with their own hidden fantasy and potential, lying... Read more »


Cute Makeup bag of the Week: Apple & Bee Makeup bag from Beauty Expert

This week I have a rather lovely red and white bag to offer up to you. It costs £15.65 from Beauty Expert , and is created by Rosie Bee. I like the fresh print, and there's something really clean looking about this bag.... Read more »

mands bagm makeup.jpg

Cute Makeup bag of the Week: 4 piece set from Marks and Spencer

Yes, I realize I'm telling you about four bags, rather than just one, but when you get a set of four for the cheap price of £15 from M&S they have to be mentioned. One for toiletries, one for lippies, one for... Read more »


Cute Makeup bag of the Week: Dumpling Dynasty Washbag from Wu & Wu

Chinese New Year may have come and gone but that's no reason not to celebrate all things beautiful and red now, is it? Say hello to the Dumpling Dynasty bag which is delightfully bright in red PVC and costs $12 from Wu... Read more »


The Belle and Boo mirror is simply sweet

I really like kitsch products and the images on these remind me of the illustrations you might find in a Beatrix Potter book or Enid Blyton adventure! There are 5 dinky mirror designs available and they only cost £5 as... Read more »

bird num num.jpg

Cute Makeup bag of the Week: Birdy Num Num makeup bag from Fab Stuff

Yes, it's Friday today and that means it's time for the cute makeup bag of the week! This week I'm showcasing this lovely purse, £10.95 from Fab Stuff , which has a really sweet lip applique. Hey, sometimes simple is... Read more »


Cute makeup of the week: Mulberry makeup bag from My Wardrobe

I know that paying £122 from My Wardrobe for a cosmetic bag is extortionate but if it's the closest you'll ever come to a Bayswater its not so bad. I love the bright patent of this bag and it's also available in two... Read more »

kent brushes.jpg

Kent makeup brushes cross quality with a great pricepoint

We've all heard of Kent hair brushes, and I'm willing to bet the majority of you have a brush or comb of theirs lurking around on your dresser- but did you know they do makeup tools as well? I've just discovered that,... Read more »

david makeup bag.jpg

Cute Makeup bag of the Week: You Rock You Rule makeup bag from david & Goliath

I'm a big fan of everything David & Goliath and can't believe I wasn't aware they did cosmetic bags till now. I think this vinyl bag is adorable, and as my boyfriend has the matching T-Shirt, it would really annoy him if... Read more »


Product Review: Eco Tools

Hippy Shopper' s Abi road tests Eco-tools As someone who has shunned powder for most of her adult life, I had to hunt around for suitable brushes to apply mineral makeup. I made do with the cheap, plastic sort you... Read more »

ica set.jpg

Good gift idea: Nica box sets currently at 50% off

This deal won't last long as on offer are two sets which are both reduced by 50%.They cost £10 from Nica, and you can opt for the purse and keyring set or makeup bag and mirror. As with all Nica products the beauty is... Read more »


Cute Makeup bag of the Week: Dollface makeup bag from Beautiful Things

How sweet is this? It costs £9.99 from Beautiful Things and I love the kawaii like doll-face all over the bag with the heart lips. It has a matching hair clip so you and your bag can be in tune, and I think this would... Read more »

carmen bag llie.jpg

Cute Makeup bag of the Week: The Carmen bag from Ollie & Nic

I'm a big fan of Ollie & Nic, and I think the fact that this adorable makeup bag is on sale for £7.50 is a deal that's too good not to share. It's a lovely colour and the metallic print is very fashionable right now.... Read more »

clip river island bag.jpg

Cute makeup bag of the week: Gold clip frame bag from River Island

I'm a bit of a sucker for bling this time of year, as the sparkly Xmas lights have me in the mood for something festive. This rather lovely makeup bag, £12.99 from River Island has the necessary gold shine to it, with... Read more »