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Blondie style Betseyville bag from ASOS

Summertime equals summer bags, and that means an abundance of beautiful new cosmetic bags to store all our stash in. I like this Blondie-esque bag, £39 from ASOS , as it's named after the Hanging on the Telephone song.... Read more »

get ready set.jpg

Get ready and roll with this make up caddy

Now getting ready for the day is something I really enjoy. The routine of applying my make-up and creating the perfect face really relaxes me, but the problem is that I don't always have a mirror where I need one. It... Read more »

Pink tin_low.jpg

Get pretty Preen tins with purchases of Bodyform

Periods are an annoying part of life, as is carrying the pads and tampons around in your bag. Well now there's an alternative way to tote them, as opposed to those 'it's a sweet!' adverts that are so frustrating.... Read more »


Fairies Make up bag from Betty Joy

There's something about fairies that gets my heart a'pounding. Add to that a rainbow and a unicorn and I'm ensconced in pastel heaven with little stars flashing around my heads and golden locks being climbed by Prince... Read more »

cos pouches.jpg

Just in Case: Recycled cosmetic bags hold your makeup and help the planet

As the season continues your make up bag is bound to start filling up with bronzers and SPF creams, so it may be time to invest in a new bag to keep all your purchases in pristine condition. You could do worse than... Read more »


The hand towel that doubles as aspirin: Who thinks this looks like a drug?

Towels and drugs. Drugs and towels. Hmm, they don't really work that well together do they? Perhaps after, when you're cleaning up they'd be better, but thankfully this pill is actually a towel so the problem doesn't... Read more »


Silver cosmetic bag from Afterglow

Now as a beauty editor I have a fair amount of makeup. As I need to constantly test the latest products and new releases, that's a rather large amount I cart with me everywhere, and I need a bag that's strong enough to... Read more »

make up retrorebels.jpg

The Fluff poodle make up bag is Retro Heaven

I think this retro style poodle printed back is ever so adorable perfect for those who love pink but would like it a little more edgy. It's plastic, so it's easy to keep clean and a decent enough size not to damage any... Read more »

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Get Spring's Sculpted Brows with Urban Decay's Brow Box

Amongst the girly florals and frills of the Spring/Summer catwalks, strong, angular brows made a bold beauty statement. The trend, most strikingly presented on John Galliano's doll faced models, returned again in Fendi's... Read more »


Holistic Silk have a lovely lavender make up bag

Now, I've always been in two minds about lavender. On one hand it reminds me of my Granny's cloying scent that managed to imply old age and used books; and on the other hand it signifies sunshine on a cloudy day, and the... Read more »


The City Combs: Hair styling for your inner traveller

Now perhaps it's because I've just returned from New York that I find anything semi-related very attractive, or even that these combs are just a really funky unusual take on an everyday item. I love how Oof... Read more »


The 360 Mirror: Now why didnt I think of this first?

Now this product is clearly going to make somebody very, very rich. It's that kind of ingenious idea where once you see it you think duh, that would have been so simple to create, along the lines of rollers for luggage... Read more »


Jonathan Saunders Make Up bag is lippie lovely

Having just returned from New York, I find my makeup bag is bulging slightly more than normal ( need I mention the half price purchases or the abundance of Sephora?) so I feel a new make up bag might be a good... Read more »