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Get festival ready with Witch

Festivals aren't really a place where you spend much time thinking about your skincare routine, but the late nights, junk food, and lets face it, drinking, tend to take a toll on your skin - and it's not like you can do your... Read more »


Bare Escentuals announce bareMinerals skincare collection

And in more debut skincare news: Bare Escentuals has unveiled its first ever (full) bareMinerals skincare line ! The new range will include some of their old products repackaged or renamed: the Purely Nourishing... Read more »


Dermalogica Clean Start now available online

Dermalogica 's range for teenage skin Clean Start is now available to buy online! Developed to meet the needs of problematic teen skin, it would make a great present if you want to start teaching your daughter (or son)... Read more »


Product Review: Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup

I have suffered with breakouts for a large period of my life, and every single time, I have slathered foundation on top of them Yes, I know that I should 'let the skin breathe' and I don't want extra oil caked around... Read more »


The Claro - a saviour for Acne sufferers?

Having suffered on and off with acne for most of my life, I can really get excited about a device promising to help with the dreaded pimples. I've tried other acne gadgets before, and have been disappointed (Zeno, I'm... Read more »


Product Review: Witch Blemish Pen

Due to the strange weather, my skin has been playing up lately, and when I noticed large blemishes appearing all over my face, I knew it was time for something slightly stronger than my normal routine. Skin can become used... Read more »


Acne Skin Saviours: My guaranteed routine for clearer skin

Regular readers of this blog will know that my skin is not the most pleasant of creatures, going wayward at the slightest provocation and breaking out whenever is feels like it. I've tried many things over the years, from... Read more »

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Three Supplements to Clear Your Skin

Here at Kiss and Makeup we spend a lot of time telling you what products help clear your skin, but I decided it's about time we started looking at what helps clear your skin from the inside. Despite doctors having proven... Read more »

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Product Review: Ginerva's Green Tea Zit Treatment Gel

There are many spot creams in the world, and due to unhelpful skin I've tried a fair amount of them. After a recent flare up I was pretty desperate and turned to Ginerva's Green Tea Zit Treatment Gel to help me out. I've... Read more »


Product Review: Medik8 BetaCleanse and C-Tetra Serum

The line between cosmetics and pharmaceutical products has never been so blurred, with all sorts of products claiming they cosmeceutical value. The definition of a cosmeceutical is a 'product that works on the skin with... Read more »


Johnson's Clean and Clear launch new super strength spot-busting range

Johnson's Clean & Clear range, which is aimed at tackling the ills associated with young skin, has just stepped up its anti-acne arsenal with the launch of a new spot control kit , comprising a cleanser, moisturiser and... Read more »


Clarisonic Product Review: Acne Prone Skin

Last month I told you all about the Clarisonic device coming to the UK and I've been faithfully using it for the last three weeks. I was initially unsure how effective the device would be- the research trials sounded... Read more »


Review #2: Clinique 3 Step Skincare System

Well it has been 2 weeks since I started using the Clinique 3 step Skincare System and I am happy to report that my skin has been doing much better. I admitted in my previous post that I'd never had any real skincare... Read more »


Top Ten: Concealers

For many of us concealer is a just-can't-live-without it product. Like foundation it is the one makeup essential we rely on to really work. A bad cover-up can highlight a blemish rather than disguise it! Where as a good... Read more »


Review: Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System

As a beauty writer people always expect you to have amazing hair, a cellulite-free body and flawless skin. When they meet me I think they're a little disappointed that I don't look like a Disney Princess! Now, I won't... Read more »

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Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner from Dr Brandt a skin lifesaver?

Skincare is such a huge bugbear for me, as I'm often very congested. I've tried miracle potions and lotions to no avail, and have even resorted to laser treatment in an attempt to (painfully) solve my woes once and for... Read more »

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Ellipse I2PL Laser for Acne: Treatment 2

The one question/statement I keep hearing when I tell people about my laser treatment is that' but you have great skin!'. Then they amend it with, 'well your skin's pretty good anyway. That's not strictly true... Whilst... Read more »

knight lcimnic-thumb-210x135-85487.jpg

Ellipse I2PL Laser for Acne: Treatment 1

Today I underwent my first treatment of the Ellipse I2PL laser acne treatment at the Knightsbridge salon. As per their very detailed instructions I've spent the last four weeks dutifully applying adapalene cream every... Read more »


Champneys vs. Dr Nick Lowe vs. Blemishes

Spots. Acne. Pimples. Whatever you call it, it's a blighting problem for anyone who suffers from them. It doesn't matter if it's just one annoying pop-up before a first date, or full-blown red constellations that aliens... Read more »

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Long term treatment test: Ellipse I2PL Laser for Acne

My skin is very up and down. Sometimes it's as smooth and clear as a babies bottom, other time it's breaks out so badly that crawling under the duvet with the lights off is the only reasonable course of action. Well I've... Read more »


Product Review: The Darphin aromatherapy-based skincare regime

French skincare is notoriously wonderful, so I was very excited to be invited to try some products by Darphin. However, my temperamental skin doesn't like change, and I was slighly worried that too many new ingredients and... Read more »

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Celebrity Acne gallery: Because nobody is perfect...

If your skin has been taking a bit of a beating lately you'll be happy to know that you're not alone. And by that I mean esteemed stars such as Britney Spears, Billie Piper and Catherine Zeta Jones all fall prey to the dreaded... Read more »


Twacne: Getting Adult Acne in your Twenties and what to do about it

We all expect to to be rather spotty in our teens, what with hormones flooding our body and oily skin par for the course, but I never thought I'd still be complaining about spots in my twenties. Welcome to twacne,... Read more »


Poll: Are you getting seasonal spots?

It's that time of year again, where we all try and detox away those Christmas pounds and try to clear up our skin. I've been noticing something strange going on with my face though, as I'm now getting spots in new and... Read more »


Product Review: The zit zapping No!No! Skin

The area of acne is a big business for skincare. Everyone from troubled teens to forty something's want to put the dreaded spots to rest, and are prepared to pay big bucks to do so. We've already seen the the Zeno hit... Read more »

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The Kiss and Makeup Beauty Awards 2008: Best Acne range

Winner: MediBac rage from Dermalogica This is great because it's the MOST effective spot clearing range I've ever tried, and they have products for every symptom, from the occasional breakout to full on pustules... Read more »


Product Review: Blemish Complex

Late nights coupled with to many Christmas canapes has left my skin looking blotchier than Britney's comeback. I need help- fast, but which of the many spot helpers do I turn to? After learning that Blemish Complex, a... Read more »

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Product Review: Dermalogica's Concealing Spot treatment

There are many things you can do in the fight against acne. You can scrub, wash, moisturise and lather your face in benzoyl peroxide, but if you'd rather not end up red and raw I might have a better and more effective... Read more »


Urban Decay to launch a 24/7 Concealer Pencil and Sharpener

OK, the sharpener in itself is not the most exciting tool in the world, but at £4 for a pretty purple container with two sizes of sharpening, it's not bad. What is exciting however is their new 24/7 Concealer pencil.... Read more »