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Product Review: Purity Anti-Aging Moisturiser

I have a box of unopened products in my room that I dip into sporadically. Some are disappointing and make me wonder why I bothered, whilst other make me wish I'd tried them sooner. The Purity moisturiser is such a... Read more »


Ooh baby! Kids' products that we love to use on us

Whether you're a Mum or just have fond memories of childhood, it's nice to ditch the harsher products and got back to the nursery from time to time. I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself this week as I've not been well and am now... Read more »

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DIY beauty: make your own caramel body polish

There's a whole weekend ahead of us, which means plenty of time to pamper and indulge. If you find yourself without plans, an at-home spa session can be a relaxing and fun way to a weekend so why not create your own... Read more »


Sneak preview - Gok Wan's new beauty range exclusive to Boots

Yesterday I went down to Boots' Christmas Press Day (they are done early for all those monthly magazines that work WAY in advance) and met the fabulous Gok Wan. I expected him to be there as a guest providing words of... Read more »


Play the Jergens Naturals Spinning Machine to win free beauty products

Hurrah! Yet another online creation designed to distract us from work! The lovely people at Jergens Naturals have launched a new online Spinning Machine. You get five spins a day and you can win one of their new... Read more »


Reader offer: 10% off Model Co airbrush range at Zuneta!

We've big fans of Model Co's skin quenching, tan-enhancing airbrush range, but we're even bigger fans of getting the products a little cheaper! So I'm delighted to announce that Zuneta have answered our prayers and are... Read more »

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Get olfactory orgasms with Diptyque's new Art of Bodycare Line

Diptyque candles are a fashionistas fantasy, but their new line consists of sweet smelling body products instead. The new products are designed to complement each other, and each smell has a harmonious candle... Read more »

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Natural beauty takes on retro form with Body America Organics

Ok, these deliciously scented products are no Dylans Candy bar (thanks Sephora) but they are green friendly which more than makes up for it. They call themselves 'Organics with attitude' and their saucy imprints of... Read more »


MAC to release honey scented body products in June!

Little is known about this range from MAC, other than it will be honey scented and include body products and a salve and balm. I'm thinking lush moisturizing products perhaps? You can get it from June. Related: Hands... Read more »

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Product Review: Body Feast Lotion from Indian Infusions

Now I'm a little bit of a body lotion fiend. I love massaging myself with oils and potions, as my skin feels so much softer and smoother afterwards. I especially like lathering on something rich after I've shaved as that... Read more »


Product Review: Double Moist Pomegranate Collagen Essence from Beauty Credit

We're quite a a fan of Beauty Credit here at our offices as they offer up quality products with a minimal price. I've been testing out their pomegranate essence and really like it so far. It's a lightweight moisture... Read more »


Product review: Rodial Creme de la Creme

I do like a nice body lotion, but all to often there are problems with consistency, texture and absorbency rate. It's no good presenting me with some lush smelling cream which then takes an hour to absorb, as I'll never... Read more »


Have dazzling legs with Michael Kors Leg Shine

Summer is here (sort of) and limbs are merging from thick jeans and tights to display themselves in all pale beastliness. Some opt for f ake tan , but if you'd rather not have anything that permanent, you might like to... Read more »


Chocolatey goodness for your skin: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range

I'm starting to really love Vaseline for churning out great products that work at affordable prices. The cocoa butter rang e all cost under £5 but perform as well (if not better than) other pricier products. Even the... Read more »

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Product review: Pure Fiji Frangipani Body Butter

Emily Tan writes: Scents are remarkably evocative things. One whiff of this body butter scented exactly like fresh frangipanis and I'm back on the sunny, golden beaches of Port Dickson, Malaysia. I'm ten, sitting under a... Read more »


Buff up for Bikini Season with Neal's Yard Grapefruit and Juniper Firming Hip and Thigh Gel

Like it or not, unless you live in a strangely cold climate, or just really like being hot on the beach, there is a good chance that in the near future, you are going to have to lose the comforting cover of your 40... Read more »

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The Hills star Elodie Otto launches a bodycare line

Now I don't know if you watch the Hills regularly or if you're just a fair weather viewer, flicking through when nothing else is on TV, but either way you'll be excited bored thrilled to learn that Elodie Otto has... Read more »

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Lala lotion for LA dreamers

Now it's true that LA is my favourite place in the world, so any product that puts it in the title immediately grabs my attention. On the down side, California does tend to be where most beauty fads start, so I also... Read more »


Product review: Lush's Mange Too Massage bar

Now I love massages I do, as nothing beats lying flat on your front while an experienced massage therapist kneads away your aches and pains. The problem though is recreating the same experience at home, as it never seems... Read more »

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Johnson's Baby Oil: Icon or Ad Con?

Does Johnson's baby oil really deserve the iconic status everybody gives it? In the beauty industry Johnson's baby oil is one of the most popular and unrivalled beauty products of all time and has been an "iconic beauty... Read more »


Get a Rodial Boob Job if you dare

Perfect perky breasts remain a distant dream for many women, unless they're willing to endure the pain and cost of the knife. Well Rodial's latest 'wonder cream', the Boob Job could be the answer to a fuller bust. It's... Read more »


Body Shop new Aqua Lily range

Now the Body Shop have always been a fail-safe stalwart in the world of toiletries, providing us with good quality products which generally do what they say on the tin. They might not be the most luxury products out... Read more »

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Professional Beauty Highlights: Kama Sutra Body Products

Up till the other day the words Kama Sutra evoked ideas relating to sexy games and rather awkward positions. However the new range of body products, delightfully entitled Kama Sutra have caused me to re assess this... Read more »