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Get a Rodial Boob Job if you dare

Perfect perky breasts remain a distant dream for many women, unless they're willing to endure the pain and cost of the knife. Well Rodial's latest 'wonder cream', the Boob Job could be the answer to a fuller bust. It's... Read more »


Body Shop new Aqua Lily range

Now the Body Shop have always been a fail-safe stalwart in the world of toiletries, providing us with good quality products which generally do what they say on the tin. They might not be the most luxury products out... Read more »

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Professional Beauty Highlights: Kama Sutra Body Products

Up till the other day the words Kama Sutra evoked ideas relating to sexy games and rather awkward positions. However the new range of body products, delightfully entitled Kama Sutra have caused me to re assess this... Read more »