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Wash with it, don't eat it! Yummy Soaps from Mollycoddle

These hand-made, glycerine, vegan-friendly soaps look, feel, and apparently, smell good enough to eat. Only we'd advise you, your kids, your husband, and your dog not to. Wash with them instead and trigger food cravings... Read more »

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The Scariest wash mitt ever?

We all know it's good to cleanse thoroughly and a bit of body brushing never goes amiss, but would you want to do it with this bear mitt? It's $4.49 from Cosmetics Biz , and I'd say you're being hugely over charged.... Read more »


Bathe like a king with a tub full of cash

Cleopatra was reputed to enjoy milk and honey, a certain ancient King treasured a bath of virgins blood, but me I prefer cold hard cash. Bandai Bubble Money cash to be precise, with notes that show ¥10,000. It comes in... Read more »

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Don't drink the smoothie! Radox launches new shower goodies.

I have a confession to make. I am a shower and bath addict. After a tough day there's nothing I want more than to jump in the tub and wash away the stress and fatigue with lots of yummy-smelling frothy things. Radox feeds... Read more »


Anatomicals bath creme smells like hot chocolate fudge!

Emily Tan Writes: What could be better after a long, tiring, stressful day than to sink into a tub of luscious hot chocolate fudge? As far as your nose is concerned that is a definite possibility thanks to... Read more »


Need a hand in the bath? Would you wash with these scary soaps?

Now I'm not normally one to cringe at products but these amputated hands freak me out big time. Maybe it's the fact that they're just posing eerily in the shower, or perhaps that they're about the size of newborn babies,... Read more »


Want to wash like Hannah Montana?

Kudos goes to Product Girl for noticing this bizarre toiletry line from Avon. It features our favourite all singing all dancing super-brat Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) as the face of some kiddy scented toiletries, so... Read more »


Miss Oops: A saviour for clumsy girls everywhere

Now I like to think I'm a prim and proper Nancy, with ne'er an elbow on the table or a smudged lip liner in sight, but in reality I'm probably more of a down and out Deirdre (don't ask me why I've gone all fifties with... Read more »


Product Review: Lush's Haagen Bath Bomb

People normally associate mint with a nice refreshing smell and so you would think that this bomb would be ideal after a hard days work. When I put the bath bomb into my steaming hot bath, the water and bath bomb reacted... Read more »

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Radox releases three new shower gels to Invigorate, Energise and Stimulate

Shower gels come and go, but Radox tends to be a bathroom staple whatever your age. Basically, you know you're getting what it says on the tin, a burst of smell and a fresh way to wake up for not very much moolah.... Read more »