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Emma Stone does emerald eyes for Gangster Squad premiere

As we all know, emerald green is the colour of 2013, as chosen by Pantone who every year decide which shade we'll be wearing the most of (remember last year was Tangerine Tango ). Emma Stone has kick started the emerald... Read more »


Kim Kardashian is using Bio-Oil for stretchmarks

I'm sure in the coming few months we'll be hearing as much about Kim Kardashian 's favourite maternity products as we will Kate Middleton 's. Right now though, she says she's only using one thing - classic Bio-Oil . The... Read more »


Katie Holmes' first advert for Bobbi Brown

We told you last year that Katie Holmes had scored the impressive accolade of being Bobbi Brown 's first ever celebrity ambassador and now her first advert has been revealed! Seeing the advert makes you realise how... Read more »


Kate Middleton beats Boris Johnson to Most Iconic Hair of 2012

There have been a lot of these best of polls and rundowns recently thanks to the start of the new year, and Kate Middleton has already topped a few of them . Now in news that will shock absolutely nobody, the Duchess of... Read more »


Jessie J tweets no make up photo

Jessie J has been toning down the make up over the last few months, and it's turned out to be a great choice because she looks so much the better for it - there was lots of natural beauty hidden under that drag queen... Read more »


Jennifer Lawrence does huge hair in Vanity Fair: get the look

Jennifer Lawrence is a very beautiful girl, but she looks incredible in her shoot for the new issue of Vanity Fair . The actress works some huge hair in the spread for the magazine, and pulls it off like a serious... Read more »


Kim Kardashian braids up for New Years Eve

Following the announcement that she's pregnant, Kim Kardashian headed straight back to work. If you count hosting a New Years Eve party in Las Vegas work, which we don't really, to be honest. The reality TV star was at... Read more »


Kate Middleton is Britain's top beauty icon

In news that will probably shock nobody, Kate Middleton has been voted top in a poll of Britain's biggest beauty icons! Like we needed a poll to tell us that everyone's obsessed with her hair. The Duchess of Cambridge... Read more »


Kim Kardashian gets a fringe

Kim Kardashian hasn't even waited till the new year for her new self - the reality TV star has had her January makeover ahead of schedule, chopping her hair into a fringe! I love it actually - it's much softer look that... Read more »


Kelly Osbourne has a signature lipstick and it is...

Kelly Osbourne is clearly a fan of colour. You can tell by her purple hair. Also she quite often is wearing a very vivid shade of pink lipstick. This shade of lipstick is... Candy Yum-Yum by MAC ! Kelly says it's her... Read more »


Bonnie Wright chops off her hair

Harry Potter actress Bonnie Wright has always been synonymous with her long sheet of red hair, but not any more - she's cut it all off into a sharp bob. Since her hair was always super long, this new style seems... Read more »


The latest crazy beauty treatment: Kim Kardashian's Vampire Facial

We're no stranger to weird facials. Honestly, after the things we've heard and seen now about what people will apply to their faces in the name of eternal youth - nightingale poop , sheep placenta , bee venom , diamonds... Read more »


Anne Hathaway goes back to Gotham City for Les Mis premiere

Anne Hathaway totally blew her make up of the last few weeks out of the ballpark with this look from the New York premiere of ' Les Miserables ' yesterday. I love this hairstyle on her too - I'm not really a fan of her crop... Read more »


Pippa Middleton's purple polish

Pippa Middleton is still promoting that book of hers Celebrate , which didn't seem to go down very well over here, so she's gone to the Netherlands to promote it some more over there. Maybe they'll like her obvious party... Read more »

anne_hathaway_2012_lew_mis_silver_nails.jpg (Hero)

Nails of the Week: Anne Hathaway's platinum French manicure

Anne Hathaway 's not one I would look for nail art on, which just shows what I know because I'll be keeping a very close eye on her hands from now on. The actress attended the London premiere of Les Miserable's the other... Read more »


Dianna Agron's fringe benefits

For a while I was always complaining about Dianna Agron being really boring - she was a fan of that classic old Hollywood look on the red carpet for a bit and it seemed like that was all she would ever do, but then she got... Read more »


One Direction are launching a perfume

We told you back in October there'd been rumours that One Direction would be releasing a perfume, and it's now been confirmed! Sadly we still don't know any more - the name, the bottle and the actual scent are all top... Read more »


What do you think of Demi Lovato's new tattoo?

All eyes will definitely be on Demi Lovato on the next episode of X Factor - the singer and judge has just procured a new tattoo that she debuted on twitter yesterday, and it follows a big celebrity trend. Demi got a... Read more »


The final nail in the coffin of celebrity perfume - Mark Wright's Mr and Mrs Wright

Surely it can stop now. The deluge of tacky perfumes churned out by celebrities from what must be the same vat of cheap plasticky vanilla scented fragrance (because lets face it most of them smell exactly the same), the... Read more »

lindsay_lohan_2012_liz_and_dick_premiere_red.jpg (Hero)

Lindsay Lohan does red hair and bad makeup at Liz and Dick premiere

Lindsay Lohan has had red hair again for a few months now, but the first time I properly looked at it was when I saw the pictures of her on the red carpet for the Los Angeles Premiere of " Liz & Dick ". I've long believed... Read more »