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Treatments you Can Trust: Make sure you're getting good service

I'm no stranger to the odd lip filler or syringe of Botox and as a user I really believe that people who get involved in topical cosmetic procedures need to be aware of just WHO is administering their treatments.... Read more »

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The Tria Laser hair removal gadget has been around for a couple of years now- with Kiss and Makeup being a longterm fan -, but it recently underwent an upgrade in January with a new streamlined design, a safety skin... Read more »

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Dunja Ghag 3D® Brows Semi Permanent Makeup review

I'm no stranger to semi permanent makeup, but as my last session had been over two years agoi, it was time for a top up. That's the beauty about using semi permanent makeup- the fact that it IS semi permanenent and... Read more »


Dr Andrew Douglas debunks Botox myths

Skincare and makeup are great steps to help conceal and slow ageing, but there's only so much they can do. Fillers and injectable treatments don't need to be construed as scary things though, as a little understanding... Read more »


Kate Winslet and the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League

Finally, Kate Winslet has started up a gang that I can now join and pretend I am friends with her - she's set up the "British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League", along with her good friends Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz .... Read more »


Product Review: Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask

As soon as I heard about Rodial 's Glamoxy Snake Mask I wanted to try it - it's the facemask counterpart to Rodial's 'Botox in a bottle' Glamoxy Snake Serum , and I'm up for anything that gives surgery effects without... Read more »


Have your bag read to celebrate the new Sudocrem Tube

Any of you with kids will know Sudocrem as a nappy rash cream, but it's so much more then that. Normally dispensed in clunky grey tubs, it's been given a practical makeover to reflect it's should-be-in-every-woman's-handbag... Read more »


Product Review: Heal Skin Therapy Gel

Those of you with scars and the like know just how much they can affect life - it's bad enough going out when you're just having a bad hair day sometimes - so I'm always excited to try these skin healing creams to see if they... Read more »


The Nefertiti Neck Lift takes Botox to new heights

I'm a big fan of Botox as I think it's a very effective way to see immediate anti ageing results, but I do know that it's not for everyone. There are things they can do with the toxin that even I'd be wary of, and I... Read more »


Dunja Ghag pioneers 3D brows, a breakthrough in permanent makeup!

Permanent Makeup* is a great way to create a long lasting look that doesn't require hours of fiddling around with eyebrow pencils and eyeliners. Popularity has risen in the last couple of years as techniques have improved,... Read more »

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Product Review: Smile S2 POWER Home Whitening Kit from the Smile Studio

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile, and if your whites are less than pearly you may want to consider whitening. Years of indulging heavily on caffeinated products and red wine can leave unsightly... Read more »

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The Liposuction Lowdown: Q&A with Dr Roberto Viel

Dr Roberto Viel has always been a pioneer, being the first person to bring ultrasonic assisted liposuction to the UK, and now his work is being emulated by doctors worldwide. He was kind enough to spend some time with us... Read more »


The Botox Diaries: Results from the Courthouse Clinic

When I first started my exploration into Botox I was a nervous mouse, worried about so many things. Was I too young to be injecting my face? Would I turn into a waxen Danni Minogue clone? Would I look normal smiling? Would... Read more »


The Mommy Makeover: Surgery's answer to that Mummy Tummy

Pregnancy can be draining experience, as even though you're left with a bundle of joy at the end, a sagging stomach and sleepless nights lie ahead of you. Whilst many grit their teeth and throw themselves happily into... Read more »

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Is Platelet facial rejuvenation set to be the Next Big Thing in beauty?

There's a new procedure doing the rounds of Harley street honeys, and this is a step away from their usual Botox and body buffing. In one way it's actually more natural than injecting yourself with toxins, but in another... Read more »


The Botox Diaries: Treatment at the CourtHouse clinic

A week had passed since I met Dr Andre von Backstrom for my consultation, and I'd made the decision to have Botox. The day of the treatment arrived, with bright cold light and a mild breeze whipping my scarf across my... Read more »


The Botox Diaries: Consultation at the Courthouse Clinic

At the mere age of 26 and 2/3 I';m aware I'm not the average Botox-seeker. However I have started to notice fine lines creeping across my forehead, in the same way dew decorates a window pane- subtle, but still there. Many... Read more »

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Treatment Review: Semi-Permanent Makeup at the EF Medispa

They say that eyes are the windows to the souls, and it was believed that through peering at your pupils you could read someones true feelings. This makes framing them ever so important, as lashes and brows can really... Read more »


Will Lipoxôme open up the IPL market to those with light coloured hair?

For the last couple of months I've been experimenting with the Soprano XL laser hair removal treatment, and so far the results have been rather impressive. But despite my joy at the laser machine working wonders on my... Read more »

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Long term treatment test: The 'pain-free' Soprano XL Brazilian Laser treatment

Painless laser hair removal, you scoff! How can anything that uses lasers to target and burn away your hair from the root be considered painless? Sure, it may not be a nail clenching jaw breaking experience if you're... Read more »

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Great Surgery Guide: My Face My Body provides you with answers

Cosmetic surgery is big business nowadays, but that doesn't necessarily means people are better informed. You only have to scroll to the back of a magazine to see a variety of suspiciously cut price surgery deals on... Read more »


Whiten up for Valentine's day day with Britesmile at The Smile Clinic

So, not long to go till the day that will hopefully have you enjoying more pucker up time than the rest of the year. But perhaps you're not smiling that much because you're not too happy with your smile? Well never... Read more »

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Get a G-shot for your G-spot.. if you dare

With V day fast approaching it's time to sexify your lifestyle- but as well as altering your external appearance, have you considered addressing your internal beauty? For every woman who has a G-spot orgasm there will be... Read more »

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The nipple extractor would make a handy addition to any toolbox

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have raised nipples, but if you happen to have inverted areolas would you really want to subject yourself to this torture device? It might cost a mere $4.73 from Amazon but it looks... Read more »

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Calvin from Hollyoaks lasers away his chest hair with Lumenis IPL

Click image to enlarge. I like Hollyoaks. A LOT. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a UK soap that features ridiculously pretty twenty somethings pretending to be very pretty eighteen year olds. Calvin (real name... Read more »


Cynosure: Liposuction with no down time?

There are a couple of reasons people are scared of liposuction. First off, the surgery. I mean you're paying people to stick cannulas in your body... Nuff said. Next up, the bruising. Do you really want to look black... Read more »

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I GO LENSES: Could bad eyesight be cured by overnight contact lenses?

When I first heard about this I dismissed it completely. You know when things sound to good to be true? I was sure that I Go Lenses would fall into the same category as those fitness machine that promise you 5 pounds... Read more »


The Wellbox will firm your skin..for a price

I've only seen info about the Wellbox, so I can't conclusively say it's better or worse than Slendertone, but the fact that it costs a whopping £1000 from Harrods doesn't make me feel inclined to try it. It's supposed... Read more »