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Brand of the Week: Lancôme

Lancôme is never far from our consciousness now they've snapped up Harry Potter star Emma Watson ("the embodiment of modern romanticism") as their brand ambassador and followed the lead of designer brands like Chanel... Read more »


Yay or Nay: Does Eva Mendes' Marie Claire cover look... weird to you?

We came across Marie Claire 's new cover starring Eva Mendes today - Eva is usually a very beautiful woman (and I can still admit that even though she is currently dating Ryan Gosling which consumes me with jealousy), but... Read more »


Nails of the Week: Fictional Characters

It's pretty easy to fall down the rabbit hole of an awesome nail art tumblr like The Nail Pro , whose Great Gatsby -inspired nails are shown above. The popularity of intricate nail art is helped along by the recent... Read more »


Yay or Nay Wednesday: Rihanna's new tattoo

Rihanna was tweeting pictures of herself in a tattoo parlour last night - in one of the pictures it looked like she was having her back (or something) tattooed, but then she tweeted another showing her knuckles, which... Read more »

aigua_nails_week.jpg (Hero)

Nails of the Week: Bespoke Aigua Media Nail Wraps by Nail Rock

We already mentioned our launch party yesterday (after we spotted Gabriella Ellis ' Halloween-esque nails ) but we had to mention it again to show you the awesome nail wraps we were adorning our guests nails with! The... Read more »

eylure_Fine_mens_lashes.jpg (Hero)

The men's beauty revolution continues: now fake eyelashes for men

Yesterday's Yay or Nay was on whether men wearing nail polish turned you on (or off as you have told us so far ), and today it looks like men are going even further in their quest to look pretty - fake eyelashes. Fake... Read more »

2011_10_evolution-man-nail-polish.jpg (Hero)

Yay or Nay Wednesday: Nail polish for men

Makeup for men is creeping into normality - okay, well maybe not normality, but a surprising amount of guys have embraced eyeliner ( Frankie Cocoza for example) - and with the current obsession for nail art, male grooming... Read more »


Curry Perfume: Yay or Nay?

Before we discuss the finer details of this new scent, we're going to hit you with the name so you can sit with your head in your hands/laugh/cry/all of the above for a while. It's called: 'Tears on my Pilau'. See what... Read more »

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Designer vs Dupe: Eyebrow kits

Ask any make-up artist, and they'll tell you that defined eyebrows will really enhance any look. Not sure where to start though? Well, we love a good eyebrow kit. Both of these handy kits feature mini tweezers (to get, and... Read more »


Nails of the Week: gold tiger stripes

Kate wins Nails of the Week again this week - she's on some kind of roll. Her winning design consists of a gold base courtesy of Revlon 's AW shade Gold Coin , with stripes painted over the top with Model's Own's... Read more »

gwen_stefani_loreal.jpg (Hero)

Yay or Nay Wednesday: Gwen Stefani wears makeup everyday - do you?

Gwen Stefani , who is one of my all-time girl crushes, gave an interview about her now-iconic beauty style - revealing that she once veered away from her trademark blonde locks to become a redhead! She explained to InStyle,... Read more »


Designer vs Dupe: Urban Decay & MUA palettes

This weeks contenders for Designer vs Dupe have a massive difference in price, but not much else - Urban Decay and MUA battle it out for the best neutral eye palettes! On the left is Urban Decay's Naked Palette , and... Read more »


Yay or Nay Wednesday: Is dip-dye hair over?

Nicki Minaj was one of the first celebrities to pop up with contrasting colour hair last year, before any of us had even given a thought to sticking the ends of our hair into some dye and seeing what happened - fast forward... Read more »


Yay or Nay Wednesday: Jodie Marsh, Bodybuilder

Jodie Marsh has shocked the entire nation by transforming that body we all know so well (the first time I saw her she was wearing a belt as a top) and becoming a female bodybuilder. Yes - you read that right. Bodybuilder.... Read more »


Brand of the Week: Smashbox

One of our absolute favourite brands, Smashbox cosmetics are dedicated to getting girls looking camera ready, an aim that has stayed with the brand since it first originated as an offshoot of Smashbox photography studios... Read more »

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Brand of the Week: Lush

Even if you haven't been into Lush before, you've almost definitely smelt it - the delicious combined scent of all their products can be found at least 10 feet from their stores. Probably one of the most famous ethical... Read more »


Brand of the Week: Bumble and bumble

This week our featured brand is one of our absolute favourites, Bumble and bumble : first a salon that placed in Vogue 's Top 10 NYC salons just a year after they opened, they were put on the map when The Bad Bob ( as... Read more »


Nails Of The Week: Gold/green reverse manicure

I've given myself Nails of the Week this week, because I decided my nails were the best. The perks of being the editor. I'm sporting a reverse manicure this week, with Revlon 's (new for A/W) Nail Enamel in Gold Coin as... Read more »

final act of expression with logos RGB.jpg

Yay or Nay: Illamasqua... for... dead people...

We have an idea of which way today's Yay or Nay is going to go - Illamasqua have announced the launch of a collaboration with funeral directors Leverton & Sons, where they'll be offering their makeup services to your... Read more »


Brand of the Week: Yves Saint Laurent

Most of the major fashion labels have a beauty line nowadays, but none of them have had the monumental success of having one of their products attain cult status like Yves Saint Laurent has. The makeup line has been active... Read more »