Deluxe vs Dirt Cheap

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Battle of the Bent Brushes: Benefit vs. Inglot

Benefit's famous brush is a staple for many in-the-know. Its 30-degree bend makes eyelining a cinch as you can get super-close to the mirror for the perfect line. But here's a secret: Polish brand Inglot have the same... Read more »


Deluxe Vs. Dirt Cheap: 8 Hour Lipgloss

With summer comes the welcome return of shiny, glossy lips. And the beauty companies are ready and waiting with offerings of ultra long-lasting lip gloss that claim to stay on your lips for up to eight hours. I tested out... Read more »

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Deluxe vs Dirt Cheap: Flower blushers from

Oooh aren't these all adorable? And surpisingly identical looking as well! Especially the Clinique and Collection 2000 version! Well it's great that there's one to suit every price range, and the mid peachy pink colours... Read more »

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Deluxe vs Dirt Cheap: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact vs Autograph Sunglow bronzing palette

Summertime is in the air, and we even had a full day of serious heat on Saturday (park + swings+ sun = smiley Zara), so it's time to get those bronzers out of hibernation. Two contenders for you this year are Bobbi... Read more »

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Deluxe vs Dirt cheap: Origins Mega-Mushroom Eye Makeup Remover Pads and Johnson's 3 in 1 eye make up removal pads

If you're anything like me, you'll find that the problem of wearing so much eye makeup daily means that it's an absolute pain to get off, and unless you fancy rings tattooed into your skin and a smudgy pillow you had... Read more »

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Deluxe vs Dirt Cheap: Bourjois Menthol Gloss and Benefit California Kissing

Menthol lip glosses have been around for a little while now, and are definitely here to stay! The mint in the gloss gives you fabulously fresh breath and the faint blue tint makes your gnashers look pearly white. But will... Read more »